New reskin: MC&FNco #2240

  1. cameronjames
    my first somewhat successful reskin, this is of bdaneal's USRA Light 2-10-2(steammachine.com/bdaneal/)
    renumbered to #2240 and lettered to MC&FNco(MCFN being the initials of this group which inspired me to reskin this).
  2. cameronjames
    for those who wonder: i used paint.net to edit "number.tga" on the locomotive, and "text.tga" on the tender
    i also switched the cab to the default N&W Y6b cab, as it matched the locomotive more than the default Bigsteam Interior. And switched the engine and hornsounds, and renamed it using CDP(a tool within Content Manager, specifically for editing assets with ease).

    Neal's content is generally regarded as very easy to reskin, and i think i am going to create most of my content using his base packs.
  3. USSc1798
    I believe you meant CCP not CDP they are completely different things. CCP stands for "Content Creator Plus" which is the config editing program that allows content creators to more easily change whistles, sounds, bogies, etc. it also checks for errors in the asset that may make it unusable within game. while CDP stands for "Content Dispatcher Pack" which is the type of file that installs content into your trainz database.
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