Marias Pass Route X

  1. Ethan777
    If you have already bought the Marias Pass Route X, you can discuss about it here.
  2. Bigolddaddy
    Hello Ethan,
    I have a question I have MP X but I can't get the two sessions that you created to work. My first question is are these seesions for Ts 2012 or for 2010, second are those multiplayer or not. I myself am yousing Ts 2010 without multiplayer mode but up to the latest update. SAo if you can help me or give me some advise, I will be greatfull!!!!
    With many regards,
    Alexander (aka Bigolddaddy
  3. Ethan777

    Those two sessions are meant for Marias Pass Route Plus. Not the X route. They can work in TS2009, 10 and 12 with no multiplayer scripted in them.
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