New Zealand route-builds

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  1. Fender849
    We are fortunate to be living in the land of the shaky iles, for it is the geo-natural activity over the years which has created our awesome terrain. We have the Southern alps in the South Island and the central volcanic plateau in the North Island, Tararua Ranges bordering the Wairarapa. We have canyon like terrain e.g. the Manawatu Gorge, hilly terrain e.g. Wellington and the main trunk, we have the Raurimu Spiral in the central North Island, the Midland line which passes beneath the Alpine ranges in the South Island.We even have moving terrain - Christchurch - elastic track required ! Also the suburban sprawl of rail networks in Wellington and Auckland.
    May I ask those of you building N.Z. routes if you could please post ( within this thread ) a brief detail of your route i.e. where does it begin and end, where in New Zealand , North Island or South , etc. How is its progress . This may give us an idea of what is already underway on the New Zealand TRS scene.
    Cheers, Fender
  2. Bill69
    Hi, I am building a North Island central plateau route. I have been on this for a long long time, started in TRS2004, imported to TS2009, now imported to TS2010.

    The route starts at Raurimu in the North and runs up the spiral to National Park, then through Erua, Horopito, Ohakune and on to Waiouru. I have just recently laid the track from Ohakune to Waiouru and still have lots of contouring and texturing to do. The track itself is accurate according to Google Earth. After I finish the Ohakune to Waiouru section I will look at extending the route northwards to Taumaranui but that might be some time yet.

  3. Fender849
    Hi BIll69,
    Route-builds do take a lot of time and enthusiasm. My strategy , once all tracks, roads and terrain formation in place, was to apportion the route into 2km sections and complete all scenery in that section - trees, power poles. housing, fences and ground textures. Only concentrate on a 2km section at a time and put all other aspects of the route out of your mind. I would also "target" to complete each 2km section in one day, so theoretically, after 25 days you would have completed 50kms. This may be of some help.
    Cheers, Fender
  4. Bill69
    Hi Fender,

    Funny you should say that as it is exactly the way I do the texturing too, although I might not complete one section in a day. I tend to concentrate on an area around an industry or a town until I am satisfied with it then move on to the next area. Each area varies in size depending on what it is, i.e. an industry might only take up half of one board but a town may take up one and a half or two boards. I try to work with the whole item in mind so everything gells for that particular area.

  5. Fender849
    Ongarue and NIMT ,
    I origionally built this route for a colleague who has a sentimental interest in the bush tram once operated by Ellis and Burnand. Ongarue is between Taumaranui and TeKuiti on the NIMT. The route is freeware, but will require Sirgibby's texture and cliff spline payware packs. I expect to release it later this year and targeted for TRS2010, which IMHO is the best version to date. See more info in the pic. I will have more updates to follow. Cheers, Fender

  6. Fender849
    TS12 NZ Track

    This is just a cautionary note. The NZ 3'6" rail (kuid 45676:38013) which comes with TS12 has incorrect rail height. If you use this, all nzr rolling stock will have their wheels buried into the rail.
    Cheers, Fender
  7. mrrangi
    Hi, I'm building Wellington's Kapiti line route.
    This route goes between Tawa and Waikanae at the moment, It's 42in but some of the trains are stranded gauge. Just needs more work on the scenery and the map itself, currently working on laying the track to Wellington and then I will move on to laying track towards Otaki. One day i will put it up for download.
  8. Fender849
    Hi Mrrangi,
    Welcome to this group and good luck with your route build. I just thought I should point out, I am gradually phasing out my S.G. models for NZR 3ft.6", so future route builds are best laid with 3ft.6" track, but of course the choice is yours.
    Cheers, Fender
  9. mrrangi
    Thanks Fender, It's nice to know your updating your models to 3ft.6in, The only trains that are the wrong gauge are the lovely EE's and the Ganz's, I think you do a good job at your models and I cant wait to see them updated.
  10. nzgovntrailways
    hello ervery1 currently bulding/creating my catlins river branch layout must say im a bit of a newbee at this so will try post the odd screenshot now and then just moved to brisbane bout a month ago so waiting to get me a betta computa was able to save all trainz stuff i had on my old nz computer on an et drive so was able to run it on the laptop we bought when we got here currently working a niteshihft job so getting a bit off time to have a blast on my route in the early hours when i get home so things r rapidly moving along..............great to see a good database of nz content on trainz some off the models you guys r creating look great KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 3FT6 FOR LIFE!!!!!!!
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