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Windows 8.1 built-in abilities to back up your Trainz data

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Let's take a moment from Fostoria to discuss how the critical point of backing up your Trainz data can be addressed in the latest Windows operating system.

Here is a discussion and screenshots showing how Windows 8.1 has a built-in facility which can easily make periodic backups of your Trainz data without you ever interrupting your game. You can restore any or all files from any backup if you need to.

There are two methods, 1) "File History" (found in Control Panel > System and Security), and b) "System Image Backup" (launched from a link within "File History")

Method 1

  1. The "File History" facility backups up Win 8.1 "Libraries" (among other user items, like the user document folder). So first you must create a "Trainz Library" in Win 8.1, which is a lot simpler than it sounds. A library is merely a predesignated collection of independent folders that have the same type of data, and are in complete control of the user. Although the system comes with libraries for Pictures, Music, Documents, etc..., you can easily make one for Trainz. Just go to the file explorer, left click on the "Libraries" icon, and create a new library called "Trainz Library":

  2. Add to the Trainz Library your user-specific folders (or even your entire Trainz folder if you like). In this example for TS12, only the "userdata" folder is being designated:

    3. Next bring up the File History module from the Control Panel:

    and set it up for your backup drive and the frequency of backup (you can set there from the Advanced Settings link at the left).

4. After you have completed a backup (made by the scheduler or made by clicking on "Run now") you can view each backup by clicking on the "Restore personal files" link and then selecting the Trainz Library among the backed up elements:

You will not be required to interrupt your activities while the backup is made in the background.

5. Here is a backup from an earlier time still available that has the ENTIRE TS12 folder:

If you click on the green button at the bottom, all those files will overwrite the working copy of your files.

To just restore an individual file or folder (such as a KUID folder) at a lower level, just navigate to the file(s) or folder(s) you want to restore, select them with the mouse, and then click on the green restore button.

Method 2: System Image Backup

If you have Win 8.1 Pro, and want to initiate a backup manually, you also have the System Image Backup facility available from a link in the "File History" dialog box. You can keep working (or playing) while the image is being made and you'll be able to select exactly what files or folders to restore from the backup..

You can still create an image with a non-pro version, but you won't be able to select individual folders for backup. Therefore, if you have a non-pro version, you would not use this method to restore Trainz because you can only restore your entire drive(s) as an all or nothing process.

In this method, you will be backing up the entire drive that Trainz is on, and your boot drive (if separate) and emergency partitions as well.

1. Here is the backup dialog box obtained from clicking the "System Image Backup" link in "File History":

2. The backup will make a folder called "WindowsImageBackup" on the backup drive:

You'll notice there are other folders on this drive with a similar name. If you rename the image folder after backup, you can retain multiple images from different capture times!

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