"Desert Interactive Railroads"

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This blog is dedicated to my "Desert Interactive Railroads". I started this layout when Trainz 2006 hit the market, and since then it's been an on and off project for me -- My Baby project! It's not a beautiful route, and it will not knock you out of your train seat, however, what my desert route provides a vast network of interactive industries from oil refineries, to as simple as, loading and unloading packages of industrial nails from small factories.

Now a few details on how I describe my Desert Interactive Railroads to be! First, there are established towns, counties, and cities. Each has it's own identity, for example, a town could have a small factory that produces shoes, where as a county could have a factory that produces furnaces and car tires, but a city can have multiple factories producing various items. However, all of them have an interactive track to unload, and load gas / fuel / water; since this is a desert route! LOL. Also, each town, county, city has a load and unload IND track for general use (Basically free for all -- You can have these tracks load and unload whatever, without modifying the main IND track for that specific town, county or city)! Lastly, every single town, county, and city have their own passenger station. Oh, did I mention it has more than one major airport, and a few regional airports, with invisible tracks? Just set it up, and automatically watch planes land and take off!

There is a learning curve to all this; But only if you decide to take on the entire route. See, the layout is very vast, so if you want to just stay in the northern sector of the layout, there's plenty to do -- There's plenty of coal mines, towns, oil refineries, etc that need goods and services, and passengers to load and unload.

Now, I got my hands dirty, in that everything is named --- Each town, county, and city is named. All junctions are named too. My route is designed to be used with any junction rules. Also, when I first decided what kind of route I wanted to create I decided a route that more than one person can play -- See, back in the old forum I was the first one to suggest Multi player for trainz, since I was very heavily hands-on online gaming then. I knew one day that feature would have to come to trainz, so I created the route to be used in that fashion. Of course, I have not tested these theories out yet, since the route is 90% done. I am not sure why I've decided to present this route now, but I am working on a bit each day, along with my Marz modules -- Taking baby steps here and there, LOL! I guess after all these years, today this blog forum has given me a platform in which to present the route, and update any info, regardless of time passed.

My Desert Interactive Railroads offers a vast range of industries -- More than one coal mine, salt mines, limestone mines, Water treatment facilities, Nuclear waste, ammunition factory, military bases like sub bases, etc, airports, sports arenas, etc ... the list is vast. I will be posting screenshots here, there as time passes.

This Blog will be updated, as necessary!

Thank you for stopping by!
Have an enjoyable and safe day!

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  1. ish6's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by oknotsen
    That is a massive and interesting route you got going on there.

    I am herewith subscribed to your blog .
    Hello O --

    Thank you, sir for subscribing -- I hardly post except when there is a necessity!

    @ All -- O made great looking trenches, which I will implement into my Desert route -- For more info on this creations check out his thread here : Trenches and related assets

    Have a good day All

  2. ish6's Avatar
    Hello --

    I've uploaded 40 new Desert Rock textures that I will be using on my Desert Route --
    All at the DSL right now! DESERT ROCKS 01 <KUID:58223:31050> thru DESERT ROCKS 40 <KUID:58223:31089>

    Updated October 3rd, 2016 at 02:15 PM by ish6
  3. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning All --

    I've recently been asking about signal placement at this thread:
    Signal Placement on long routes between Towns! Need help with this!

    John and Johnny detailed how signals are use! I will post that info here, as it pertain to my Desert Route!


    I put small dwarf signals such as RRS' US&S 2L dwarf signals so that they all face towards the yard throat. What I mean by this is if you go to the big spread out side of the yard, where the tracks are fanned out, the signals have their lights on that side so the backs of the signals are on the single-tracked side. I do the same with stub-ended yards and sidings as well.

    What I find with this is the AI then see the bumper as the red signal rather than seeing the signal at the throat as red. This allows you to order the driver to couple to consists, otherwise, he'll complain about the track being occupied by another train.

    Here's my absolutely best and stunning track signal schematics.

  4. ish6's Avatar

    Here ya go Ish, these are what you need for yards and sidings; Invisible signals L5 by "LRT505" user ID 635427 the are on the DLS, there are five types, from left to right they are;

    1. L5 Invisible signal - Always Proceed (used at the start and end of a yard track)
    2. L5 Invisible signal - Converging (04 type somewhat)
    3. L5 Invisible signal - Diverging (06 type)
    4. L5 Invisible signal - Permissive (05 type)
    5. L5 Invisible signal - Typical (04 type)

  5. ish6's Avatar
    Lastly, my Desert Route is now in TANE -- TANE's great advantage is that it handles massive routes beautifully! I have made tremendous progress in creating new regions, as well as updating old regions! When I get something set up I'll post screenshots and / or made a video movie!

    Thanks guys for stopping by, and you all take care now, and be safe

  6. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Everyone,

    Here's another excellent demonstration on how to use signals provided by Cody (outlaw77) ... Credited to him
    ================================================== =================

    Ok Ish, here are some screenies of 01, 05, 06, and 06 approach/distant signals. On the 01 and 06 signals, please ignore the small plates with the letter "A." Those are just personal reskins I did of a JR signal G plate for my route. So anyway here ya go:

    The first ones we have are 01 searchlight signals. These are normally placed at the end of a siding, where the siding and the main line converge. Place one for movement main-to-main, and another for siding-to-main:

    The next signals we have are 05 signals. These are the ones you will normally place between sidings, when the following signal is not governing movement over a siding switch. Note the horizontal number plate, which has a unique ID number on it. The number usually reflects the milepost location of the signal. These are "intermediate" signals, since they are placed between sidings:

    Moving right along, we have the 06 signals. They govern movement over a switch or turnout at a divergence, where movement can be either main-to-main or main-to-siding:

    And, finally, we have 06 approach/distant signals. These are also "intermediate" signals, except they are placed where the following signal DOES govern movement over a switch. Like 05 signals, they also have a horizontal number plate. These signals will inform the engineer whether he will proceed on the main line at the next signal (green over red aspect) or go onto the diverging route or siding (yellow over green aspect):

    To View thread on signal topic here:
    Signal Placement on long routes between Towns! Need help with this!

    Special thanks to Cody, John, and JohnnyC for their participation on this topic!

    Have a safe day!
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