"Desert Interactive Railroads"

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This blog is dedicated to my "Desert Interactive Railroads". I started this layout when Trainz 2006 hit the market, and since then it's been an on and off project for me -- My Baby project! It's not a beautiful route, and it will not knock you out of your train seat, however, what my desert route provides a vast network of interactive industries from oil refineries, to as simple as, loading and unloading packages of industrial nails from small factories.

Now a few details on how I describe my Desert Interactive Railroads to be! First, there are established towns, counties, and cities. Each has it's own identity, for example, a town could have a small factory that produces shoes, where as a county could have a factory that produces furnaces and car tires, but a city can have multiple factories producing various items. However, all of them have an interactive track to unload, and load gas / fuel / water; since this is a desert route! LOL. Also, each town, county, city has a load and unload IND track for general use (Basically free for all -- You can have these tracks load and unload whatever, without modifying the main IND track for that specific town, county or city)! Lastly, every single town, county, and city have their own passenger station. Oh, did I mention it has more than one major airport, and a few regional airports, with invisible tracks? Just set it up, and automatically watch planes land and take off!

There is a learning curve to all this; But only if you decide to take on the entire route. See, the layout is very vast, so if you want to just stay in the northern sector of the layout, there's plenty to do -- There's plenty of coal mines, towns, oil refineries, etc that need goods and services, and passengers to load and unload.

Now, I got my hands dirty, in that everything is named --- Each town, county, and city is named. All junctions are named too. My route is designed to be used with any junction rules. Also, when I first decided what kind of route I wanted to create I decided a route that more than one person can play -- See, back in the old forum I was the first one to suggest Multi player for trainz, since I was very heavily hands-on online gaming then. I knew one day that feature would have to come to trainz, so I created the route to be used in that fashion. Of course, I have not tested these theories out yet, since the route is 90% done. I am not sure why I've decided to present this route now, but I am working on a bit each day, along with my Marz modules -- Taking baby steps here and there, LOL! I guess after all these years, today this blog forum has given me a platform in which to present the route, and update any info, regardless of time passed.

My Desert Interactive Railroads offers a vast range of industries -- More than one coal mine, salt mines, limestone mines, Water treatment facilities, Nuclear waste, ammunition factory, military bases like sub bases, etc, airports, sports arenas, etc ... the list is vast. I will be posting screenshots here, there as time passes.

This Blog will be updated, as necessary!

Thank you for stopping by!
Have an enjoyable and safe day!

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  1. ish6's Avatar

    Good Afternoon,

    The face lift is running along much faster and easier then I first thought. Almost the entire Northern sector is done. Desert bushes, plants, hills, mountains and valleys are now spam across vast regions. Below are screenshots of those improvements.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    PS. If you across any desert-type items that you think can benefit in my Desert Layout, which can be downloaded from the DLS you are welcome to note down the names of such items here! LOL
    Updated February 10th, 2014 at 09:37 AM by ish6
  2. ish6's Avatar

    Good Afternoon Everyone!

    As you
    will see below, progress is going well -- I added lakes here and there. The landscape is expending with desert plants, etc. Finally I reached one of the major cities -- TAC CITY! It lack appearances, etc ... so, downloaded tons of city stuff, like backdrops, backgrounds, and city-spline contents to make the city bigger, because in the coming days I will add the Maglev stations and tracks that will connect TAC CITY to the other cities across the layout, more specifically to the Southern Cities - Up north, there's no cities -- only small towns -- In fact, going northern is going back in time, to the old western days! Screenies of TAC CITY at a later time, tho!
    Updated February 10th, 2014 at 09:40 AM by ish6
  3. DON49PLM's Avatar
    WOW. How much fun are you having! Looks great. Don49plm
  4. ish6's Avatar

    Good Afternoon Everyone

    @Don, thanks for the comment -- Certainly enjoying the challenge I have put upon myself! LOL

    Well, many screenshots -- Progress is certainly taken place! It will take time, perhaps a year to finish it all -- Hopefully, it'll run well in the New Era Trainz!

    Now, enjoy the screenies -- TAC CITY, one of five cities! And a bit of the western sector of the map!

    Updated February 10th, 2014 at 09:49 AM by ish6
  5. ish6's Avatar
    Updated February 10th, 2014 at 09:43 AM by ish6
  6. ish6's Avatar

    Good Morning ---

    What's happening in the Desert? I am testing portals and rules --- I am using the Central Portal Control by sforget (Steve), a good friend from yesteryears (no longer in trainz as far as I know)! But also testing it with Pguy's Quick Portal Manager, etc --- Right now I am trying to understand it all these rules, etc to see what fix best in my massive layout! You are welcome to comment your opinion! LOL

    I'll keep a log via this blog what's happening with these rules and portals as time passes!

    @FOR SCENERY -- More of the western sector of the layout has been covered!

    Have a pleasant Sunday, everyone!
  7. ish6's Avatar

    Good Afternoon,

    Well, today, I have a treat -- Two video clips -- CRAP Engine #903 entering and departing TAC CITY - Heading South! These are short clips - But, I have a long video clip, and Engine #903 will head into the Western Sector! More on that video in the coming days!

    For now, please enjoy these items below:

    *NOTE - These are rough cuts shoots - Route is far from done!

    Updated January 28th, 2014 at 03:52 PM by ish6
  8. ish6's Avatar

  9. ish6's Avatar

    Good Evening,

    Heading South -- View screenies below: Maglev departing TAC City - Arrives at Crayon city 7 minutes later. At 300k + it zoomed across the desert, passing counties and towns, including the Bread factory, a cement plant, among other industries --- Great thanks goes to Don for the double-line Maglev elevated track -- Super track, very very friendly on frame-rate!

    Well, enjoy the screenies -
    Everyone have a pleasant weekend!

  10. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Dear Friends, and Trainz Community!


    A new 25min video of DIR, with music for the long ride! It begins at TAC CITY, and ends at the TAC Water Treatment Facility! Beyond the bridge lies River City, with a full tram service - But that's another video for another time!

    Enjoy --

  11. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Everyone,

    I hope that everyone enjoyed the video!

    I am working on a screen shot only video - It will display the screenshot posted previously, which I have taken down, but also show-off new reconstruction of the far northern sector! I am working on this part of the route now! I feel showing off the route like this, in these video, is better then posting out countless of screenshots!

    Lastly, I posted this at N3V forum -- Please read and pour out any ideas you may have!


    Have a great day!
  12. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    Trainz Rough Cut Screenshotz Video - Western sector / Northern sector! Music added to the background, so sit back and enjoy! LOL

    -- New video will focus on the mines (At a later time!)


    Updated February 15th, 2014 at 11:33 AM by ish6
  13. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Everyone,

    The Desert is vast - Buying a train ticket, and riding that train can take days to your destination -- However, there is a solution... Buy a plane ticket! -- Get there in only minutes!

    The Desert will give you the chance to fly across vast landscapes, as well as view the mountains and canyons from aove.
    More on this subject in the coming weeks, months ... for a full interactive airplane experience demonstrations will come in videos and screenshotz -- For now, enjoy the tease!


  14. ish6's Avatar
    Good Evening --

    Have you bought your ticket yet for Desert Airlines! --- It's Departing River City National Airport for TAC International Airport!

    Have a good night!
  15. ish6's Avatar

    Good Evening Everyone,

    I hope that you all are doing fine on this day!

    Well, another rough cut video -- For new folks, these videos serve two purposes:#1 Help me to ID problematic areas - #2 Allows me to share what I have done thus far with you kind folks!

    On this Video:

    Logman's reskins (Desert Interactive Railroadz engines and rss collections), as well as showing off his other engines and rolling stocks from the DLS! Thanks Logman! Using his trains, we will take a ride through the Pilbara Ore Mining Company!

    Introducing Airports - We will see a plane take off, and another taxi towards its gate!

    Below is a list of kuids of the items that you will see in the video, just uploaded to the DLS!


    Music is added as always to soften the mood!


  16. Logman's Avatar
    Hello Ish

    Thank you for sharing the video and showcasing the content.

    Disclaimer: The Dash-9 engines shown were repaints by Philip Campbell (Phil_C) of the original Dash-9 by Justin Cornell (norfolksouthern37). My contribution with his kind permission was limited to repairing and updating them to trainz build 2.9.

    regards - Logman
  17. DON49PLM's Avatar
    I remember that route. Nice one. Thanks Ish
  18. DON49PLM's Avatar
    Thank you Ish,
    It looks like your having a great time. At first I thought your route was one from ts06. it's not so thats even better! Enjoy and keep showing us more. Don
  19. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Everyone --

    In recent weeks I have been putting my time into my Desert route, which began with TR2006! Although it has taken this long, progress on the route is always forthcoming, and today I will display 3 screenshotz: A small town 2 hours from the sewage treatment facility under development, and Heinz City, which over looks the MM Shipping yard.

    *For more on the route just clip on the videos above!

    Enjoy, and have a safe day!

  20. oknotsen's Avatar
    That is a massive and interesting route you got going on there.

    I am herewith subscribed to your blog .
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