The Benefits of Screenshot Routes

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You may have seen pics people have posted in the screenshots threads, and you're like "OH I want to build that but I don't want to build some big route just to take one screenshot *FOAMS EVERYWHERE*"

Well I'm gonna teach you a solution to that problem: a screenshot route.

You start with maybe three or four baseboards, and line the edges with backdrops, preferably splines.

Next step: I would prefer building a RR Point of Interest (station, RR park, etc) and make it the main part of the "route". Another good scene would be street running, a bridge, a large metropolitan downtown with towering skyscrapers, an industrial area, a small neighborhood, or a farm area. The possibilities are endless.

Now, you want to tinker with the environment settings. Change the sky, edit the "Time of Day" settings to make lighting more realistic, and just mess with it to your heart's content.

Now the part you've been waiting for: creating that epic screenshot that you have dreamt of for months. Bring out your most detailed locos and rolling stock, crank those graphics settings to the max, and adjust the time to the exact second you want.

This tutorial is now over. Now go out there, and create some amazing screenshots.


  1. railman15's Avatar
    Excellent tutorial, epa. I may just do this someday, now that I have Trainz 2010.
  2. GTW1226's Avatar
    I got good ideas now. Thanks Epa.
  3. 4449tj's Avatar
    I will give this some thought