trains 2013

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hello to everyone, i have just bought trains 2013 but i cannot install it
because it keeps telling me that steam cannot connect to there network
can some one please help? thanks
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  1. boyerm25's Avatar
    Trains 2013 is not made by N3V - it is a competing product.
  2. ChrisD's Avatar
    Trains 2013. (or Train Simulator 2013 as they like to call it)

    I bought that one over a year ago, and I still have not got an answer from steam, about this same issue.

    If I were You, I would not keep my hopes too high.

    On the other, hand, now You are here by accident.

    This is not Railworks, but something better, I think.

    This is Trainz, note the "z". This is also a Train Simulator, but here You do not have to pay for each and every Loco, Carriage, house You want to add to Your RR..

    You can shell out money on some impressive add-ons to Trainz, I assure You, but are You on a tight budget, You will be delighted to learn that 200,000+ assets made from thousands of creators, are available for nothing.

    So, take a while to check this site out and You will learn amazing things about this community. You may even learn that right now, You have a chance to check this RR-Sim out at a discounted price, if You can wait a couple of weeks to see the result.

    Select the Green text at the top spelling "Kickstarter Now", and pledge 20 AU$ or around US$18. Before Christmas, You will be able to select TS12 as a digital download.

    This is called value for money, over here

    Now take Your time and check this offer out.

    Questions?, just ask. You will find a lot of friendly people here, ready to help You out.


    Regarding Steam, I would not keep my hopes too high. (I have long given up on them)
    Updated December 2nd, 2013 at 02:53 PM by ChrisD
  3. jay2004's Avatar
    I want to thank you very much for your help
    i just figured out this morrning that i got the wroung thing.