My railroads and locality

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I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley. Started in Santa Clara, moved to San Mateo/Foster City. From there Burlingame. Then back to Cupertino, West San Jose. Sunnyvale, for a while, Santa Cruz, then on to Fremont, followed by Suisun City/Fairfield. Landed back in Sunnyvale, back to Cupertino, then again San Jose. Willow Glenn, and now in Blossom Hill/San Jose. Has been quite a few rounds of moving. Between all this, the railroads most influencing me were, Southern Pacific (SF to SJ peninsula commuter and freight), Western Pacific (East bay Oakland to SJ freight), Union Pacific (the takeover of Southern Pacific and Western Pacific), Caltrain (this took over the Southern Pacific peninsula commuter), BART (been growing all around the "Bay Area" since I was born), VTA (was County Transit, and before that San Jose Municipal), and Muni (SF trolley lines, light rail, etc.) to name the ones that I remember most. I was there when the Dumbarton railroad bridge was put out of commission. Seen SP Daylight 4449, UP 3985 and 844/8444. SP 2472 and SP 2479, steam. Museums: Western Railway Museum (BAERA originally), Orange Empire (down South), Roaring Camp, Sacramento State museum. San Jose trolley barn and it's projects in my youth, many little things there.

Anyways, just wanted to get across a very broad idea where I come from, my background, and influences. I am just now accepting the UP takeover, as I had been out of railroading for a while, until a couple years ago. My father was the one which was a diehard, never stopped since I was a kid.

Now, I am trying to be more open about CSX, Norfolk Southern, KCS, etc., so as to keep up with the times, not miss out. Time sure does fly!

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  1. pdkoester's Avatar
    Just an update, now living in Gilroy, listening to local freight there every day.