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Fostoria Rail Fan Park Opened November 15

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Fostoria Rail Fan Park Opened Nov 15

After ten years of being a political football, the Fostoria Rail Fan Park finally opened last Friday, Nov 15th. Situated within the "Iron Triangle", the park, open from dawn to dusk, gives rail-fans an official place to observe the high traffic level of CSX and NS trains hammering across two adjacent diamonds, and a third in the observable distance. The triangle sees approximately 100 trains per day, and as a bonus, all three of the triangle sides are railyard throats that spill their shunting operations into the triangle.

The $1.1 million price tag to make this happen came from both federal and state funds. Fostorians are very patient people by nature, by virtue of the numerous and frequently occupied grade crossings in their downtown district -- and now they hope their patience has paid off by bringing in tourist dollars; tourist dollars to make up for the loss of revenue from loss of rail lines and over the years. Gone are Amtrak, Conrail/New York Central, and the Toledo and Ohio.

Although it is the case there are less railroad companies that pass through here than yesteryear, one can still see four of the five largest Class I North American railroads passing through Fostoria: CSX, Norfolk Southern, BNSF, Union Pacific, and Canadian Pacific!

Above: the Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

Even on Railstream.org cam snapshots taken Sep 26 and today, the Rail Fan Park inside the Fostoria Diamond shows completion.

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