TS 2012

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Is it possible to get a copy of TS2012 that does what its supposed to do ?
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  1. pdkoester's Avatar
    It does do what its supposed to do. It is third party content with the issues, as far as I can tell.
  2. Stanierfan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pdkoester
    It does do what its supposed to do. It is third party content with the issues, as far as I can tell.
    With regard to third party Content, The Service Packs act like third party content . With the Service Packs installed I had nothing but trouble . I found silence when I asked for help here in the community and also silence with Auran . Uninstalling and reinstalling the game without the service packs . I dont have a problem due to the fact I rarely play it . Purchasing the game I believe was a mistake at the time ,installing the service packs caused a system failure resulting in the reformatting of my hard drive and reinstalling of Windows .
    I believe I downloaded something else with the service packs, something a lil nasty but I do have to thank auran
  3. Stanierfan's Avatar
    Last night, it crashed I asked for help . That was a waste of time . I have a question why put a game on the market knowing its not going to work . Finally I downloaded the service packs , I recieved a virus from Auran on the patch , me no hard drive . Monday Morning I start legal action . The Game TRS2012 has been sent to my local Trading standards office at the bequest of a jounalist friend if it turns out the attracttant for the Virus was embedded in the software , Auran are up Schmidt creak without a paddle . TRS 2012 doesnt work with Windows 8 as claimed .
  4. pdkoester's Avatar
    Well, since Auran really has nothing to do with TRS 2012, then you have been spoofed. NV3 is and has been been doing simulator central dot com stuff for a long time that I know of. And, if you are using something called TRS 2012, that is something else, too. TS12 does work on Windows 7, and Windows 8/8.1 as I have it here working just fine. You need to be more realistic, there is no legal action you can take against Auran, that company is just a name now. be more sensible, and patient. I am sure you could get more help from the community if you weren't so abrasive with your tone in posts.

    That is my take on all of this. Good luck.

  5. Stanierfan's Avatar
    I have windows 7 64 bit , 4 Gig of ram , to a 2Gig graphics card and new 1TB hard drive . To see the entire picture , TS2012 is a pale imitation of a sim marketed by steam ( both don't work with Windows Vista/ Windows 7 ) .
    Paul, The software I have doesn't run on Windows 7 64 it. I downloaded the patches / Hot fixes I get a virus, hence new hard drive . NV3 help desk was a complete waste of time, whats the point in buying a product that does not work with operating system it claims to . Microsoft has its own compatiblity site, TRS 2012 is not compatible with Windows 7 32/ 64 Bit version there are known issues with the software (TRS2012 )