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Needing help!

I recently downloaded a patch file 49922 to 57720 (1.76 gig) for Trainz 12 sim, as my build was now out of date. It installed but with errors. I was not able to read the message as it disappeared within a second or two.

The current build is now 57720, I've tried running the game but most of the content doesn't work, none of my payware is visible. I also tried installing the next patch without success.

Q. Is there a way to back-step to the previous build 49922 or do I have to uninstall the game and start from the beginning?(YET AGAIN!)
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Trainz Simulator 12


  1. captainkman's Avatar

    Unfortunately, reinstalling is the only way to go to a lower build.

    Also, if you post this in the forums and not the Blogs, you'll get more, better-quality reponses. The blogs is not the place to ask for help.

  2. kgp's Avatar
    You have to uninstall the current patch and redownload the on from ***** to 49922. I had the same problem when i tried to install 57720......