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Amtrak Trainz Group Content Upgrade Program

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We've recently announced our Content Upgrade Program. We plan on filtering through all of our currently available content to ensure that it is error (and in most cases warning) free in Trainz 2012 SP1. When updated content is released they will get a special TRS2012 download button (it's green, see the image above). The updated content will replace any currently installed content, using the KUID2 system, so no work on your end.

Also during this we have a few new projects we are working on and will be released periodically throughout the summer.
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  1. dragonharh's Avatar
    Wow I haven't hard a peep form you is sometime were have you been all these years lol.
    Good to see you back!
  2. PerRock's Avatar
    I don't post much over here. Mainly on AMTZ. We also haven't had anything really big to push the site since I had to close it for maintenance.

    A bunch of stuff have been updated and released, click the image above for a complete listing.
    Also, we've released a set of Construction Bollards.

  3. mp202's Avatar
    I have always been wanting an update for the Amfleets. With this "update", does it include a better skin, changes to the mesh, etc. or just a general update to make it work in TS12+SP1?
  4. PerRock's Avatar
    I'm not sure what your referring to by an better skin. I cannot make any mesh changes. So it's really just fixing errors to bring it up to standards.
  5. mp202's Avatar
    Well the skins on the Amfleets seemed to always lack the luster of an actual Amfleet. I guess that is just personal preference.

    So it's really just fixing errors to bring it up to standards.
    I really appreciate what you are doing here, though. A lot of the content really needs to be brought up to TS12.
  6. PerRock's Avatar
    I presume your referring to the shininess of the Amfleet. That isn't something really achievable with just reskining. They are currently about as shiny as I can make them without having the original mesh.