It's Been Awhile

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I just realized that it's been over a year since I posted an update to my blog on the progress of my R3 West Trenton/R8 Fox Chase/Newtown route. Sorry to anyone who has been hoping for news; I'll try to post updates much more frequently.

At any rate, here's where things stand: West Trenton-Trevose is complete, though I do need to do some ground texturing in West Trenton. Somerton through 16th Street is needs trackside scenery built out more and ground textures, but is functionally done. The New York Short Line (freight route) portion between Neshaminy and Fox Chase needs scenery. I've done quite a bit of work at the Fox Chase end, but the eastern end is mostly undeveloped except for a part of the Somerton/Bensalem area. As for the Fox Chase/Newtown portion, Ryers to Newtown Junction, needs scenery and is almost totally undone. Fortunately, on the other end of the line, Newtown through Village Shires is almost complete; I just need to add some farms to the south side of Village Shires, add some ground textures, and to finish making the models for George School and that portion will be done. The Jameson/Holland area is done and Southampton needs a bit more build-out and texturing. Southampton to Huntingdon Valley needs work but, as this area is largely rural, build-out should not be too time-consuming, nor should adding scenery to the AYRES-Moredon Road area.

All in all, I'd say the route is about 70% complete.

There are a few things that need to be done. I need to make:
Market East Station
Suburban Station
Fern Rock TC
George School buildings

Due to the fact that GrahamSea's scripted signals are no longer available, I'm working on my own set. Temple University Station is mostly done; i just need to assemble the bits and pieces into a final station. I've built the Center City Commuter Tunnel but it may need some tweaking as I go.


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    Deleted, no more hotfile.

    Sorry, I'm putting a hold on updates pending discussions with N3V.