Epa's Excellent Route Building Adventures! Part 1

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Hello, fellow trainzers!

This is part 1 of "Epa's Excellent Route Building Adventures"!

Let's start this off with a warm welcome from Matt (that's me). This is where I tell you about my discoveries, updates, and lessons I learned while building my main WIP, The Harmon and Windrush Railway, which yes, is a fictional railroad. The H&W is a fictional Shortline set in South North Carolina and North South Carolina.

When I started a route, I built a yard, which I think of as the route origin. Almost every route I build starts and ends with a route, with some in between. The North Yard (In fictional Harmon, NC) is where the H&W and the NS interchange and transfer cars from RR to RR. In the south yard (Windrush, SC. Not yet built), H&W, NS, and CSX will meet, interchange, transfer cars, whatever. I am planning on building a few miles of the NS main north of North Yard, the entire NS line running to Windrush (along with H&W, of course), Interchanging with CSX along the way, and both the CSX and NS (again, with the H&W) to the South Yard, where the H&W ends, and once again, a few miles of CSX and NS trackage after that.

Now some of you route building newbies will probably say "Yards??? 2 or more of them???? Entirely too much work!!!". Building yards does seem a little overwhelming at first, but you will get the hang of it. My tip for you: The straighten tool (in track section) is your friend.

Now onto roads in the towns. One again, you newbs will think that it's too difficult to make the roads nice and straight, but once again, the straighten tool (the one in the spline objects section) is your friend.

Until next time, happy trainzing!
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