TARDIS - A Trainz Asset Repair Management Tool - Part 6

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CM warns that PMs are not supported. It also indicates when an asset uses an alias. Asset X is unable to provide a method whereby the alias source mesh-table can be accessed and the appropriate entries made in the config file. There are more than 9,000 assets using aliases, predominantly reskins. (Reskins are identified by the CM icon with a P). A methodology is being devised under TARDIS where the alias source has been identified by inspection using CM. Fortunately most aliases are met by less than 100 alias sources. A table of these aliases is now available (To be issued separately). Aliased assets can then be opened for edit and will appear in Asset X Asset Pane along with the specific alias source. By using the Replicate functions within Asset X it is then possible to copy the alias source mesh-table into each of the aliased assets. A scripted method for this procedure is under development. Note the trainz-build limitations on some aliased assets, particularly locomotives and rolling stock.


CM has several different errors and warnings messages associated with textures. Currently these have to be handled manually but it is hoped that some semi-automatic process can be developed.

Binary - generally means that the named files are garbage.

Missing but there - If the files are there but CM cannot action it is likely that these files are in unsupported slots. Use PM2IM on the named IM mesh with texture stripping selected. This can only be done individually.

Missing but filename may have changed - If the files are reported missing and have underscores where you expected alpha characters this is likely due to the PM2IM method used to overcome non-ANSI characters in texture filenames caused by accented characters used in some non-English languages.

Missing and not there - Requires texture generation to provide the missing files that are called out in the mesh. Use Mesh Text Viewer to confirm. If possible use same files available elsewhere in Trainz assets. This is especially true of common files such as black.texture.txt and black.tga as used by shadow.im and env_metal.

Describe Andi's Repair Textures functionality here

Add Repair Audio Files


Many legacy assets, in fact most, do not have thumbnails. Current validation will warn you if a thumbnail container is not incorporated in the config file. Asset X provides a default image and the thumbnails container. This is embedded in TARDIS Validation superscript, and available separately in TARGET MASTERS.

Due to some initial development problems the first version of the Thumbnails script ignored valid 240 x 180 24 bit images used for thumbnails and substituted the dummy thumbnail. In TARDIS TS12 a script has been produced:

Thumbnails AssetX Default.axm

This now corrects the previous error in the first version. It deletes the existing thumbnail container in config and regenerates the thumbnails container with the filepaths to the thumbnail image and ART folder files. This meets the TB 3.7 validation requirements but wherever possible you should replace the placeholder with a meaningful image.

Thumbnails Remove.axm

Be WARNED it also removes any valid thumbnail whose filename is $screenshot$.axm if this item is not remmed out.

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