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Odd Forum Areas, Photo Textured Rolling Stock

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Here's one, these new areas of the forum, I'd like to challenge the point of their existence for a moment.

I'll go ahead and list them off. Trainz Talk, Rail News, Competitions and 3rd Party Partners.
Now to the numb mind, perhaps those sound like great forum areas. Let's give it some thought though.

Let's start with Trainz Talk. Now, the description says "Trainz news from community members". Well, I suppose I am not a community member considering I can't post there. I suppose this goes for the rest of you as well. Guess none of us are community members? Hmm...wait, what is this? A furthered description that tells me this new "Trainz Connections" thing is for official "Trainz Journalists". Wow, sounds fancy. Actually, it sounds like a thread/idea I would have come up with when I first joined here...in my immature, 14 year old days. In fact, I actually did make a few threads that sound just like this description thread. Ironically, this appears to be about as short lived as my threads too. Huh, who would have thought?

Next up, Rail News.
This is a beautiful one threader here. As for the alleged purpose of this area, don't we already have something just like this? Oh yes, we call it "Prototype Talk".

Competitions. Now this one is probably the one I have the least issue with, although I find it a bit odd only seemingly three people can actually post in it.

3rd Party Partners. Now this seems smart, I guess. What I find funny, is these third party creators still use the actual announcements areas and don't seem to even use this area.

By now you're wondering, what's his deal? Who cares?
Here's why. Have you ever gotten that bandwidth speech if your signature was too big, if you posted a screenshot that was too big, quoted screenshots? I know I have in the past. So if we're concerned about bandwidth, why in the world do we have these pointless forum sections that make zero sense. I have wondered this since they showed up on here, and I suppose now I feel like asking/addressing about it. In fact, what annoys me most is how I have to sort through them to get to the other used forum sections.

Alright, off the negativity.
Photo textured rolling stock. I love it, yes, the same shot is used on both sides...however, I love how nicely it fills a freight yard. So let me brag on RGCX who has really filled the DLS with some goodies lately. I spent about 4 hours DL'ing his stuff a few months ago and its awesome. A wonderful supplement to the old Cozmo made cars. I would highly encourage any content creators/reskinners to take up this challenge. In all honesty, we can't have too many of these. Millions of freight cars are on the road today, so it certainly goes with out saying...why not Trainz too?

Just my thoughts,
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