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I'll make a quick post here on the blog to address the fact that people need to stop using the blog feature to ask support questions, its flooding the blog page.
In fact, if one looks through the forum sections, you will find there are specific sections where you may post questions pertaining to your issue and receive appropriate answers. This has been a long standing issue, not only on the blogs but the forum as well. We do not need technical support issues drug across every board on here.

Just my thoughts,
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  1. Retro00064's Avatar
    I agree with you. However, most, likely all, such blog posts are made by misguided newbies who simply do not know better. I once submitted a thread to the Suggestion Boxcar proposing that this be prevented from happening and misguided newbies directed to the proper venue (the forums) for help requests by, if I remember correctly, disallowing users with too small a post count from posting blog posts, with the error message displayed to those attempting to do so directing those seeking help to post on the forums instead. However, the thread was not approved by the moderators.
  2. illinoiscentral's Avatar
    Such is not surprising. We're talking about a forum that has over 4 completely useless forum sections (recently added I must note) that we can't even post in. Suggesting some commonsense? Now, now, don't do that!

    Perhaps one day, the forum management will see that some commonsense steps will help organize the forum and ultimately give these newcomers a better place to receive the information they're looking for...but for now, we'll continue sorting through the many out of place posts.

    Now as for the moderation staff, two of you should know I consider you great moderators...so don't be offended, you know who you are.

  3. shaneturner12's Avatar
    I've previously requested the same (coincidentally in a blog post) , but nothing came of it.

    Perhaps it's easier for people to do blogs than forum posts...