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Signals, Tutorials and an Old Friend

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Tonight I have a few things I feel are worth writing about, we'll go in order here.

Signals. Every revenue line uses them, because if you don't use them...you probably don't crank any revenue...anyway, there's many kinds of signal systems out there. Anyone who actually knows me should know the GRS searchlights are very dear to me. In fact, I make a once a week trip to not only do this crazy thing called "railfanning", but moreso shoot the searchlights on my local rail line, the NS CNO&TP. Norfolk Southern has taken it upon themselves to obey another one of our government's...cough, I mean "FEDERAL RAILROAD ADMINISTRATION"...genius safety measures. That being, Positive Train Control (PTC) mandate. Of course, this slates the GRS equipment for complete removal and paves way for more of that variety filled (sarcasm) Safetran crapola. I'll avoid rambling too long here, but I can not stand those things. In my opinion they're tacky and built like crap. Hey, like I said, IF you know me...then you'll know I get pretty heated on this matter. More government regs killing the character of the old railroad. Whoah, we better back off that political talk before we violate the CoC!
Anyhow, I find it fascinating that to some degree, signalling is one of the under-covered subjects in Trainz so far. Thank God we do have some good GRS searchlights though! However, L&N tri-lights, NKP "stop lights", NYC style "G-heads" and many more are still off the list for the most part. What is perhaps most interesting to me, is the amount of head arrangement variety that each of these signal types have. No wonder so many have yet to be created! Have I seen some hinting from Ryan that he's about to release some of those NYC style signals? Hmm... Well, let's let off the pigging for a little while eh?
So to all you content creators out there, think about some signalling...I promise you, the community will thank you!

Next up, the subject of tutorials.
Lately I have noticed a lot of tutorial requests and general help requests in the General Trainz section. I'm sure many of you remember John King's Trainz Resource website. Wow, what an asset that was. Lots of tutorials, how to articles, etc. I think we need to get something like that back, so we can point the way to newer users towards helpful information. Perhaps compile information into one resource directory?

That easily moves me to my next subject, an old forum friend of mine...John King.
Some of you older heads around here know who I'm talking about. Last I heard from John was nearly two years ago and he said he was in the hospital for surgery I believe. Naturally, ever since I have continually wondered how he faired, and have not need much if anything from him around here since. Anyone hear from John anymore? Of his condition? Sure would like an update on the guy, he certainly helped me grow up some around here. If I could describe John, I would say he's a hard worker and someone with a passion for contribution. From his resources website to his newsletters, which by the way, he took both very seriously...he really was a forum great.
If anyone has information on his condition, I'd love to know how he's doing.

That's all for tonight I suppose, hope you enjoyed reading it.

Just my thoughts,
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