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Whoah...blog number two...should I even...? Oh why not...

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As most of you probably have seen, my first blog post wasn't exactly a smooth ride. Onward we'll go anyway!

Joe left a comment on my last blog, and he wondered why he wasn't mentioned. Don't worry Joe, I haven't forgot about you. So I suppose now is a good time to talk about the work Joe has done. Does anyone remember when this guy first showed up? It was another one of those rare happenings where someone shows up with a lot of not only talent, but skill that has crafted that talent. Without a doubt, everyone uses Joe's intermodal equipment. One would think, "Gosh, intermodal...that's a petty asset to create." However such is not true, especially when you consider no one had really focused on such department of the railroad for quite a long time before Joe came around. Prior to Joe's arrival, I was still using those age old TTX 5-unit cars I got off TPR eon's ago. Paired up with JointedRail engines, they were starting to look like Google Sketchup items. That's not to say they were bad assets, they weren't. They were however, outdated. He also went forward to create autoracks, and as we all know, they're the finest autoracks available...and some of very few available at that. He also went forward in general rolling stock, which again one might call that a generic move, but so many of Joe's pieces had never been done or had been done a long, long time ago. Most recently we saw Joe release his first locomotive. The GP35, now there's a trend in his assets that we'll get to in a minute, but this unit had a nice balance of detail and smooth operation on a variety of operating systems whether upscale or out of the box. He has also been working on several roadnames for the units as well.
In my opinion, this is the trend his stuff has, and so many of you could learn from it.
The stuff Joe makes, is common stuff. They're common rail cars, common road names. The problem is, this is something a lot of people ignore in asset creation for this game. He has helped complete the essential, standard, modern freight train. To me, that's huge. Its a step in the right direction for content creation.
As many of you know, I model the Norfolk Southern's "Rathole" in Trainz, and frankly, nothing would thrill me more than if JointedRail's SD60M's came in horsehead paint since most NS SD60M's are in that paint. I would be thrilled if we had some nice standard cab SD70's, not those ancient Phil Cambell units. Some widecab Dash 8's? I would love some standard cab Dash 9's, or even some new Dash 9's period as an upgrade over the old CNR models.
However, there is a lack in common power/rolling stock production here at times. Joe is one of those few creators who is an exception. He tackles those common pieces, and his assets end up in every rail yard in the Trainz world...because that's where they belong.
So if you've been under a rock and have not checked out Joe's (socalwb909) assets, get out from under the rock and go check them out. I promise your browser will be downloading stuff within minutes.

I think we'll leave this blog entry simple and on one subject, so that's all...for now!

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  1. shaneturner12's Avatar
    Looking good - just out of interest, will you be covering any non-content sites (like mine) in your blog?

  2. socalwb909's Avatar
    -I really appreciate everything you have said. When it comes down to it, Trainz had a lot of assets but not everything was great looking, so I took it upon myself to learn and create what I wanted. I find it really cool to see a lot of my assets being used and enjoyed in many screenshots. With each model made, I learn something new. Not only that, looks like quite a few people enjoyed the Mojave sub as well, which is built-in to TS2012.
    -There's one thing I'm upset about, something you didn't say. There's nothing bad being said here. I'm not perfect nor do I believe in such a thing. I don't know if that's something that crossed your mind. I like to hear about problems also, just for the simple fact, I know where I stand, where I can improve. Rather if its updating old assets or improving on future models. Point is, I'm a firm believer in, there's always a flip-side to the coin. I do know that there's always room for improvement. The thing that sucks about it is, example, if I make box_1, release it, then I make box_2, box_1 is now out of date, and at some point I will have to go back and update it cause I learned something new while making box_2. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to asset creation, but it makes me happy that some people enjoy what I have created and it also makes me happy that I am not only a user, but a contributor to the community. All I have for now!

  3. SD45T-2's Avatar
    I must thank Joe, his rolling stock is very well done. I've skinned his cars for PCL.
  4. illinoiscentral's Avatar
    I tend to write just whatever on my mind, however, I'll take a look at your site and see what you've got going for us out there.

    In all honesty my friend, I have never really found anything worth mentioning in the 'bad department' about your work. I do wish some of your GP35's had the correct horns, but in my opinion, those are pretty small things to bring up concerning a free asset. I have always wished your intermodal cars had railroad specific intermodal loads, but if I am not mistaken, you're already working on fixing that.

  5. socalwb909's Avatar
    -Yes, you can now load trains according to class one railroads, BNSF, UP, CSX and NS. There will be more updates later, like the K-line stack train, once I get more skins done on other containers.
    -I would of put the correct horns on the locos, if i had drawings to make them. Pretty much the only thing that has stopped me.
    -For future reference, its completely okay to tell me about problems. I like to know what the issues are and improve on them.

  6. illinoiscentral's Avatar
    Oh so I just need to delete and re-DL the container packs?