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Trainz versions: Currently running TS12 (patch 49922) but have TS10 still installed. I've been a infrequent user of Trainz since TS04 but have taken a more active interest since retiring a couple of years ago.

Current Trainz Interests:
Content creation. I've uploaded one loco which is an 0-6-0 pannier tank (54xx class). The second version with changes to the cab including new water level gauges, whistle cord and cosmetic improvements is in the pipeline.
Script writing. More recently I have been learning Trainz script. I'm an ex software engineer so the code writing is easy but understand the Trainz libraries is difficult. Still learning.

Content Creation Tools:
I use Blender for 3D modelling. I did try GMax a few years back but understanding the 3D environment and learning the interface proved too much at the time. When I restarted content creation it made sense to use a tool that has some level of support.
For textures I use Corel Paintshop Pro mostly, but also use some shareware tools.
Script Writing:
I use ConTEXT which is an excellent programmer's editor.

Current Work:
Working on a script for Mick Berg's Battery Loco.
Finishing off my Island Railways route. This has been in development since TS06.

Forthcoming Projects:
A more complex British Rail steam engine that has exposed pistons, conrods, etc. Haven't made up my mind as yet.

I'd like to try a scripted scenario. This is a long term thing.

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