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Floods of websites, speedtrees and more.

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Recently in the community, it seems like website after website has popped up. This has been good and bad at the same time, in my humble opinion. One of my questions on this matter last night was aimed towards someone who already has a free website, but has created another for essentially the same thing, just a different railroad. This I do not understand. Why make multiple websites, so the people who actually visit them have to navigate all over Al Gore's world wide web to find the other half of your assets?
Another instance has been the ongoing saga of one website, and let me be clear I won't put names in this blog, that had an issue recently with some content they weren't supposed to release. Now here's my questions towards that crowd. What I don't get is this, why create a website, when you don't really even have any content on it? ...and then work so hastily to put content on it that you violate EULA's and such. That's a subject I have been meaning to bring up around here for a while now. I think some of you younger kids do not get the fact that these Trainz assets are legally binding assets in most cases. That should not be taken lightly. Sure, some creators will have some mercy if you're a kid, but that mercy runs out eventually. A lesson I was once taught? Think! Before you host, post, whatever...

With all that said, you're probably thinking "Oh here's Woody complaining about everyone again". Well, perhaps you're right...LOL
Not quite.
I've brought up points about people who host content and people who need to think before they host/post. So let me address a group of guys that are getting that right. TrainzStop. Yes, that's right. Its not about the fact that Justin is a personal friend of mine and so is Matt. Here's why I like what they're doing. Matt had already had some stuff in development when they created the site, heed that thought oh young ones for it is key. Think about it. He had content, that was worth creating a website for. People in the community seem to have this backwards these days. They seem to go by the idea of make a website, make the content later. No, that's not how it works. You make the content, then the site. TrainzStop understands that. Also notice, Matt does not release every asset he creates. This is another thing folks ought to learn from. You don't need to release every little creation you churn up. That's not at all to say you make crap stuff, its to say, take some time to perfect.
To summarize that thought, go visit TrainzStop or check out one of their threads. Don't go and request a bunch of content (a whole 'nother ramble), just go and let them know you appreciate what they're doing.

Okay...next thought.
Speedtrees. Some love them, some hate them. I for one, hate them. Not for what they are, but rather, the way the game has somehow automatically replaced some of the trees on my TRS2006 with these things. Look, if you're not rich, you probably have a crappy PC like me. So your PC, like mine, probably can't handle those extremely "detailed" (perhaps HI-POLY is a better statement?) trees. This was another genius user-friendly move by N3V/Auran.
Anyone else find Speedtrees rough on their system?

Now for some more compliments...
Chris Hackworth, I am talking to you here.
By now you all know the name n8phu like an old household name. This man is doing something few ever do, he's not making the 100,000th SD40-2 model, but rather, he's taking older models and upgrading them. Perhaps it could be called a recycling program? Whatever you call it, its genius and its drawing alot of attention. I mean just visit his thread! Requests everywhere! (That's how you know you've been successful at content creation/modification)
In all seriousness though, take a lesson from Chris. There's a lot of great quality assets out there, that just need a little TLC. How about those "Modding with Hack" threads? I for one think its great. This guy is taking the time to explain how he does this, how he makes this stuff work again. Its almost like a seasoned auto shop teacher showing some kids how to make a reliable machine run again. Chris, you've made a real contribution here. Keep it up.

In summary,
I hope you've enjoyed reading these rambling and thoughts of mine. That's all they are too, just personal observations...which is exactly what a blog is generally about.

Just my thoughts,


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  1. matruck's Avatar
    Wow Woody i couldn't write that much in a month mate, But well done anyway i'm always keen to listen and learn from such a highly respected pillar of our little happy community..lol
    Cheers Mick.
  2. mp202's Avatar
    Hello Alex,

    I do not take your post in an offensive manner. Now that I look back, we did rush into this whole website thing way before we really should have. TrainzStop is a great model for community members who wish to build there own website. Ours on the contrary, is not by a long shot.

    Also I will agree with you on the obscene amount of 3rd Party sites that have been popping up here and there. And especially the "one user" who has two different free sites. One for a "specific railroad".

    And lastly, Speedtrees add a great deal of realism to Trainz routes. Granted they are not the best with the FPS but this can be solved easily by building your own "super computer" as I have done. The parts I got from newegg.com cost only $260, below half of the cost of that P5 you have...
  3. illinoiscentral's Avatar
    LOL Thanks Mick, you ought to write your own blog sometime...would be interesting for sure!

    Thank you Blake. It is nice when people see my posts as not offensive, but rather, aimed at passing some lessons down that I once learned the hard way...and a few lessons I learned from a couple of grumpy old men on this forum!

  4. mp202's Avatar
    The only thing I really took offense to is your post on Facebook about your forum signature... I don't like the fact that you have to say that stuff behind our backs. That is all though.
    Updated February 22nd, 2013 at 02:08 PM by BlakeDooley
  5. illinoiscentral's Avatar
    That is Facebook, this is the forums/blogs. Let's keep those separate.

  6. wilh's Avatar
    I think that it is good that someone brought up some of these issues that are really popping all over the community. Now, I realize that everyone might not agree with what was said here. But, I do agree with what was said.

    Don't get me started on those Speedtrees.....
  7. mp202's Avatar
    Also, another topic that REALLY needs to be addressed is the obscene amount of bumping of VERY old threads. It seems it has been happening more an more as of late...
  8. SD45T-2's Avatar
    A very well done blogpost. Addresses a lot of issues.

    Franky, I enjoy reading rants about concerns for some reason. I have no idea.

    And yes, Chris is a buddy of mine. I read his tips and they are very well laid out with a light touch of humor.
  9. dragonharh's Avatar
    Updated February 22nd, 2013 at 10:08 PM by dragonharh
  10. matruck's Avatar
    I hard about what was said about me on Facebook and this is a warning I hare about any more back stabbing attacks about my spelling I will use force and some one will get heart! in other words so say it to my face or there will be hell to pay!! I have friends who are not very friendly wend it comes to bullying.
    And what you just wrote isnt bullying ???. You need an attitude adjustment kid, You might think you have the heart of a dragon but i think you have the brain of a very small dog.
  11. dragonharh's Avatar
    Updated February 22nd, 2013 at 10:07 PM by dragonharh
  12. mp202's Avatar
    Oh no.... -.-
  13. matruck's Avatar
    And if you continue to threaten me dogbrain then my friend here will pay you a visit.
  14. dragonharh's Avatar
    Updated February 22nd, 2013 at 10:04 PM by dragonharh
  15. illinoiscentral's Avatar
    I'll put this out there, and then I won't you to leave my blog.
    I never brought your "name", AHEM USERNAME, up on Facebook, someone else did. If I feel like speaking to my friends about what goes on here at the forum, then I will. I do not use anyone's real name, nor would I either. It was not bullying to speak about something I saw here, or found mildly humorous. Its simple conversation on my Facebook page, with MY friends. I also don't care for your oversized images designed to threaten me, all I see is senseless clutter. Also, please spare Mick and I the speech about dragons. I write a blog, not run a daycare. I have not violated the Code of Conduct in my blog, therefore I do not expect to hear from a moderator about this post. However, I believe you blatant cursing violates the CoC rather clearly, as we know censoring is useless.

    Perhaps you should calm down, you may be mildly over-reacting. I have not gone out to the world and spread hatred about you, rather, I made an observation. Such is not a crime you know. If that hurts your feelings, well, I don't apologize as I do not need to do so. Because, as you will learn in life, that's quite petty to have hurt feelings over.

    By the way, if you think there was talk behind your back, you are sadly mistaken. Blake is on my friend's list on Facebook, and if I desired to speak behind your back, I would have hidden my picture from him. I did not, because I did not need to.

    Do you think I was never made fun of when I first joined the forum? Wrong again, I was, and many times, right here on the forum. Of course, these days that is not allowed. I had people ridicule my posts and sometimes even mock me openly on a few occasions.
    So please stop blowing this into a big deal, in fact, its not even relative to the forum and should be treated as such. Now, move along folks...

  16. dragonharh's Avatar
    Some one is lieing and wend I find out there will be hell to pay. I have every right to be here and I'm soo fade up with the BS I get over my spelling so to be blunt I really couldn't care what anyone thinks I'll post were I wont and speak how I wont bad spelling or not get use to it.
    Updated February 22nd, 2013 at 10:12 PM by dragonharh
  17. illinoiscentral's Avatar
    No one is lying to you, quit being paranoid. No one is going to have hell to pay or any of that run of the mill crapola. I have contacted Mr. Dooley privately and explained exactly what he saw, and perhaps he will speak to you about such matters. What you heard about was off this forum and did not simply pertain to you alone. I made a signature, of which is in use by me right now, that pokes fun at all the silly little websites popping up everywhere and how people are hasty to release content. If someone wishes to think that pertains to you and you alone, then that is not my problem what other people make of what I have to say.

    Now, I would like you to quit making "threats" towards myself, Mick and God only knows who else. Not because I find it disturbing, which I do not, but because it is silly and I don't welcome that kind of silliness in my blog.

    Furthermore, calm yourself down and open your eyes to the fact you're making a mountain out of a mole hill. Then move on and quit prolonging this.

    Updated February 22nd, 2013 at 10:26 PM by illinoiscentral
  18. dragonharh's Avatar
    I don't care
  19. illinoiscentral's Avatar
    If you would like to be that ignorant, then I do not plan to discuss this anymore with you. I do not reason with people who can not come up with anything better than that comment you just left. If you felt insulted by what has happened, so be it, ignorance such as that deserves to be insulted.

    Good day,
  20. dragonharh's Avatar
    Then prove what was said I was told by blake that you wore saying stuff about my spelling on BF it's bad enofe here I don't need it there I don't care who said what so if this is not true then you shouldn't have any problem proving it or do I have to start makeing records of everything Blake and I talk aboute in Trainz Chat. Hmm ?
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