Trainz iPad version 1.1 just released!

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Trainz iPad Update Version: 1.1

What's new in this version?

  • Streamlined touch input for even greater user control.
  • Improved lighting features.
  • Added new weather conditions, now you can drive through rain and snow!
  • New content menu, allowing you to upload your own routes and download ones by made by your friends!
  • New controls that allow users to set the time of day and weather conditions.

iPad 2 additional features

  • Even more advanced lighting options.
  • New weather condition: Fog.
  • Weather conditions now react to other environment conditions.
  • Advanced water effects.

To allow everyone to enjoy these fantastic updates we are lowering the price to $0.99c for a limited time Only.
Get on board and purchase your copy NOW!

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  1. Robo7527's Avatar
    Ok problems in trainz iPad 1.1 is time of day can not change even if you do in surveyor it goes back to 9:00 or 10:00 AM when you enter driver mode other problem is the sw7 is impossible to locate and if it is imbedded in serveyor where is it