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I have been thinking about this question, for long time.
Would Metroliner win or Electroliner win in a race?
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  1. Robo7527's Avatar
    Well looked into the metroliner on wiki and it says that it was equivalent to the Northeast Regional service trains(amfleets II and an AEM-7 locomotive) speeds of 125 mph,while the electroliner reached just over 110 mph(sidenote: but the train would reach crossings before the gates dropped all the way!!!!)
    Also their service dates:
    Metroliner 1969-2006
    electroliner 1941-1976
    so the metro wins
    But these trains are nothing alike its like comparing the elcapitan to the super chief,both passenger,both close service years,(both ATSF)but completely different,and
    if you ask me the electroliner wins
    because it is better looking(as in looks like it has a locomotive not a cab car),and probably better service.
  2. Kenyon_karl's Avatar
    Interstate Commerce Commission regulations of that era limited the operating speed of the Electroliners (and also the 1920's era green and silver conventional cars) to 79 mph because the line had nothing more than automatic block signals with no enforcement mechanism. Note also that most parts of the Chicago Elevated system had no signals at all!

    The Electroliner certainly beat the Metroliner in one category, its ability to cope with the frequent 90 foot radius curves of the Chicago 'L'. Also, there was a nasty S curve as the trains left the high-level platforms of its Milwaukee terminal, and swung out into the heavy automobile traffic of 6th St. (and the quieter 5th St.) for some 3.5 miles of street running to Harrison St.