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Scripting Task - Random Car Liveries - Part 3

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Unfortunately, after writing the new script, I discovered that kind products cannot have scripts. So this particular task has hit a dead end. The TrainzDev WiKi is not particularly helpful and even rather cryptic when describing products otherwise I may have picked up on this earlier. My first warning there may be a problem was when AssetX did not want to allow me to add a script tag to the asset config.txt but I tried to ignore it and added one anyway and Content Manager popped with an error.

So, in conclusion, it seems that for products the only way to have multiple texture or model variations in the product is to list them in the mesh-table and the product-category is set to "instance". At least, I think that is how it works. But you cannot use a texture library which seems a bit of a shame.

I'll move onto to the traffic version.
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