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Big changes are ahead, and so are we

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Now as you have may have noticed, my old site, trainz.art-train.sixserve.net has gone out of business.

Why? As you look in this pic:

now months ago, I have received an email from SixServe (owner and provider of my site) saying that it's free services are shutting down because of 'morons' damaging the server by hacking, spaming, and making scams out of it to make it overload the server. Now i have to shut down my site and i have to move on to another site. I have tried like 3/5 free hosting sites, but it is IMPOSSIBLE (for many reasons). now one more (only) way to fix it is to get a cheap 'payware' provider. Now I have first founded a deal from a site called "NetworkSolutions" but it had expired without notice when I got back home and that deal was gone! so it's now over a month now, and still no help how to get my site online. I have found one where I have to pay $5 each month (and still good) so I have purchased it (and luckily, it was free for the first month), and tooked me 73 hours to get the domain, and my website uploaded and ready to go, and i have done it!

Now, for those who have bookmarked the site to "trainz.art-train.sixserve.net",
needs to CHANGE the url to "trainz.art-train.at".

Another i have to point out is that, because it is $5 a month, i NEED YOUR HELP. best to donate to the site to help get the bills straight. If you go to my site, the "Donate" button is located at the bottom of the login screen, and it'll take you to the PayPal page where you enter in the amount. now a little is ok, but NOT TOO MUCH PLEASE (maximum is $10). If you'd help to donate $5 (and over), you will receive my early preview of an old fictional railway i'm working on: Homebase Railway v3 (in for release soon).

any questions? please use the comment box below.

Hope is all well

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