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Railroad operate day a night to make money. Money is the core of everything, whether we as railfans notice it or not. Locomotives are assets in which they are paid by the company for and are understood that they should operate to make money and to do so efficiently and with the best possible way. In this respect, many classical and well-respected locomotives have fallen from rosters in favor of newer locomotives that out-preform the yesteryear hit model. It's hard for a railfan and person in general to accept the fact of time and it's ability to fly, but it is within this acceptance we find peace and complete enjoyment of the hobby. With acceptance of railroads striving for money and success and acceptance of progress taking over originality, we find ourselves with a disgraceful smile upon our faces. Disgraceful for we rightfully should feel disgusted to see such appreciated signals and equipment relics of yesteryear discarded with their historic and sentimental value as if they are worthless, yet smile for we accept that the new generation is a rare chance for us as people. As when the historic EMDs and ALCOs that make Classic Trains headlines every other month first came out, these new under appreciated locomotives and equipment innovations are taking over with an equal amount of force as did the EMDs and ALCOs. Whenever they came out, they were disrespected by railfans who lived off of steam and thrived upon coal, yet today we feel opposite. I feel as if I cannot explain this phenomenon, but I need not to, my high school has done it for me. As part of learning A.P. US History, I've read an article about Thomas Jefferson explaining a concept known as "Presentism", wherein a person's understanding of a past event is distorted by today's life. To say you would rather see a EMD GP7 over a GE ES44 unit is absurd to me. The EMD GP7 was hardly even appreciated by some railfans when it emerged. Some took to it, seeing a new interest in diesel technology, but some turned away... disgusted. Disgust that transfers over to today's railfans who turn away to the new GE locomotives. "Terrible, smoking, pieces of junk..." in which they earned. As did the well-respected Baldwin switchers, which were selectively bought by some railroads, and ignored by others. Nowadays, considered an amazement to see, but to a steam fan, a disgraceful waste of a roster number.

In conclusion, money drives progress, and progress flows as fast as time. If you wish to remember what you have, preserve it because it will never last as long as you assume. Additionally, be aware things change and once changed will never be 'new' from that day forth. There will come a day when my child will look at me and say, "Dad, you got to see GEVOs when they were new? ...and SD70ACes?" ... and I'll be glad I took those videos.

Have a good night/day all, and happy 'fanning!

- Joshua

Disclaimer: This was all typed from opinion. If you do not agree with it, no need to argue. I feel not to start anything, but wish to share.
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