Traction Motor

DL-Less F40Ph's.

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So, you want to run early Amtrak, eh? Here's how to remove ditch-lights from a JR F40PH. (Note: Works on the Amtrak Models only. I think.)

Remember, make backups people!

1. Clone the F40PH. Open it for edit.

2. Open the config.txt

3. Rename the loco, adding whatever you like to the end. I prefer you add Early to the end, but do what you like.

4. Delete the ditchlight entry from the extensions area.

5. Now the fun bit. Scroll down until you find this area.

mesh "mesh_body/ditchlights.im"
auto-create 1

Replace ditchlights.im with dl_cover.im.

Save, Commit. Run Early Amtrak.
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  1. boyerm25's Avatar
    Can't you just leave the ditchlights off?
  2. SD45T-2's Avatar
    Well, you can, but some people just want them gone...
  3. emd12's Avatar