M&Pa Route in Development

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A few more, got a few more blocks up in the distance. Added Sissons Stone Yard just east of the B&O tracks. Funny thing is, I'm not planning much more of the B&O and only a little more PRR, just enough to have meaningful interchange tracks with the M&Pa. Both the PRR and B&O will have portals which will spit out trains every now and then, just as some kinetic backdrop.

Shot from the North Ave bridge, a B&O freight makes it's way south toward the Howard Street tunnel

Shot from the North Ave bridge, a B&O freight train, exits the Belt Line tunnel and heads across the Valley

Sissons Stone Yard and spur, next to the B&O Belt line on the east side of the valley
I only know where it was, not what it looked like, so this is a TOTAL guess....

Bird's eye view of the valley, PRR GG1 and coaches in the foreground on PRR tracks, opposite back is the PRR interchange track with the M&pa; B&O curves at top left toward it's tunnel below 26th Street
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    I have an extensive library of books dealing with the B&O. I'll see what I can dig up about the stone yard. Don't know about the pedestal crane however, as they were mainly found in seaports and heavy industries. I assume that the stone yard was in Baltimore itself?