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Retaining wall: filling in the blanks.

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So as u problably know some retaining walls do not have ground behind them. These are mostly the good looking ones. I thought I would show the trainz community how I fill in the blanks.
So first off I start off with a retaining wall (in this case Gfisher's Tie retaining wall) like this.

This is when many hit the hard spot. I have figured out if I add some rocks(in this case dinosaurriusredundiculus's granite boulders)it will fill in this space.

My end result can look like this:

But there is still somthing missing. I decided to use grass to fix what I was missing.

My end result with the grass looked like this:

I added some texture for the finished result.

İMontanawestren 2012
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  1. 817TAYLOR's Avatar
    I like it a lot
    too bad that tie retaining wall is not a spline
  2. steamrodder's Avatar
    That looks nice and neat there MW. -Robert-
  3. GN1996's Avatar
    Cool, I like the way that turns out. I wil have to try my hand at it sometime.

    Go Montana railfans! Lol.

    Updated October 9th, 2012 at 08:08 PM by GN1996