Northwest Trainz Shops, 3 months online and counting...

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Turns out it's been 3 months since I started the Northwest Trainz Shops. I think i'll do some highlights of what's happened since the opening.

Didn't have much content up to begin with and it wasn't completely accurate for colors. The site was kinda bland too. Eventually, I decided to finally update all the content on my website and then I decided to just give the website a complete overhaul (wow, what a result that was). It only took me a month or 2 to do all that, but it really paid off in the end for me.

After the overhaul, every steam locomotive I had I updated the colors and used the models that bill69 and philskene updated to TS12 standards. I do thank them for that alot for what they've done to those locomotives. I even had some diesel reskins in the works back then too. Just one though; it was an NP F7A/B in the freight colors and that did not see the light of the day. I'm not good at working with curves in Paint Shop Pro X4 (the program I use) at the moment, so I won't be doing anything complex at the moment. I decided to go simpler back then, A LOT simpler, so I made 3 MILW F7A and B units and they actually turned out great to me. 3 SD9's came along too.

The F7A/B units turned out to be a big success on the website. I added the 3 SD9's around a week later and those also became successful for locomotives. The day the F7A/B units were uploaded was when the most people visited the site (8/21/12, 364 people) which beat the record of 300 people that visited the site on the day it started (can't remember what day that was). Content had also began being hosted at Mediafire, which can hold more files of bigger size instead of putting the files on the site. The end of August/beginning of September was when I started to weather my locomotives and rollingstock. I decided to add a weathering tutorial to my site so I could show everybody how they can do that too. And now you can.

The MILW F7A/B units are the most popular items on my site with a total of 54 downloads and the SD9's have 26 and the most popular steam locomotive is the NP 2-8-2 Mikado with only... 8 (as of 9/9/12). Eventually, I will continue to add more (free) content to my website, which will include rolling stock, routes, and more locomotives. Maybe some scenery objects too. It all takes time...

3 months and counting. Stop on down to my site and have a look around!

Join the facebook page too! Tell your buddies, share it if you want to, you get the idea.

Happy railroading too
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