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Big Bertha Rides Again

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I'm pleased to say Big Bertha is complete and available on the DLS. Actually I only just got the notification from N3V and already there have been a few dozen downloads.

There are three versions available and a total of 11 assets including:

3 locos in MR, LMS and BR numbers and logos
1 loco bogey
3 cab interiors. The MR version uses a lever reverser and has a folding drivers seat. The LMS and BR versions are the same and have a screw reverser. The driver's seat is fixed.
3 tenders in MR, LMS and BR numbers and logos
1 tender bogey
1 enginespec

Just search for "Big Bertha" or my content (PCAS1986).

Here are some pictures:

The Midland Railway version:

The LMS version:

And the BR version:

I'd like to thank those who assisted me during this build and particularly Brian (Kennilworth) for finding an article on Big Bertha that provided valuable information on the cylinder arrangements. Chris for his help with cab information. Azervich for his engine spec that he permitted me to release using my user id. Paul Hobbs for some of his loco mesh parts. And finally, but certainly not least, to Kieran and Ed for their support. And to all those who provided advice via the Content Creation forum.

I have another, non Trainz, project that will keep me busy throughout spring so I will not be doing much in the way of content creation for a while. I kind of promised that I would consider making an A2 Peppercorn loco but probably not for a while. Before that I'd like to do something completely different.

Be sure to try out the headlight at night.
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  1. Edweird's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by robd
    Will we ever know for sure?
    Well, that's where it's difficult isn't it; sadly the old girl's long gone, as are the men who ran her, probably.
  2. Edweird's Avatar
    Hey Paul,

    It's a bit of a while since we've spoken. I've used the Bertha quite a lot now (just for fun I've been using her for the Hawes Junction sessions instead of the diesels) and I'd say she is probably the most detailed locomotive I have on my PC.

    I found this a few days ago. It's a photograph of a model of Bertha from the National Railway Museum in York.

    Got to say, your virtual model looks very similar, bar maybe the shiny paint.
  3. pcas1986's Avatar
    Wow! Isn't that just gorgeous? I vaguely remember seeing the model when I was there two years back but didn't take a photo. Photos of models in glass boxes don't always work because of reflections but that looks great. If, and when, I get back to the UK I will have another look and try and pick up on some detail I missed.

    There are some pending updates for BB when I find time. PEV noted I had missed a link on the reverser gear (left side looking from the front) and there are some minor changes to the engine spec. When I do those I might revisit this photo.

    It's a pity the cab interior is not in view. My cab was mostly guesswork!
  4. Edweird's Avatar
    Well, I've not visited the NRM in about ten years, so I think I'll make a trip there soon. If I get there before you, I'll be sure to take a lot of photographs, the cab in particular.

    Looks like she may have been a bit more decorated than we thought though. Bits of brass and bare steel everywhere.
  5. pcas1986's Avatar
    Its the detail of the Walschaerts gear that interests me. Some of my model was guesswork. Its a real shame it was not preserved. I doubt if the sand box lids were polished!
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