Just how many Fictional railroads are there in trainz?

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So here are the list of fictional railroads on trainz
SBCX (operated by AMTZ, mainly PerRock and Mavirick)
TCRX (Operated by TCR)
ECNX (Operated by me)
Noobmountain and Western NMRR? (Operated by Isegrinns)

Anymore? please post on the comments with operator's username
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  1. JIb228's Avatar
    I know Beattie has one hes been working on.

    I have one that hasn't made it into Trainz, yet, but dose have some real physical rolling stock....in miniature. I have a few 2 rail O scale 3 bay hopper cars painted and lettered for my road named Fox Mountain Railroad, or FMR. I also have a S1 switcher painted and letterd in FMR in HO.
  2. nathanmallard's Avatar
    Denbigh Valley Railway (DVR)

    The DVR connected the growing town of Westrington to the mainline at Denton. The 6-mile railway was completed in 1908. The first locomotive was an ex-industrial saddle tank, and the rolling stock was mainly ex-GWR. In 1910 a passenger service started, and continued non-stop until operations were taken over by BR in 1949. In 1912, the railway bought a second saddle tank. The Morse Coal Company (MCC) had a colliery nearby, and as most of the miners lived in Westrington and the surrounding villages, operated a passenger service using the company's 3F and some of the DVR's passenger coaches.

    In 1939, the DVR bought a 3F from LMS and operated it regularly. In 1949, BR took over, and discontinued the passenger service. MCC's passenger service continued, however with a BR 57xx and not the 3F. This service was finally discontinued in 1964 when the colliery was closed, and the line closed to all traffic the next year.

    This is my fictional railway of course. I have yet to reskin a 3F in to DVR colours, but you might see one in the reskin thread in the next couple of days.
  3. dragonharh's Avatar
    I have made 5 atless Dragons Pass is the morther ship of my routes.
  4. SD45T-2's Avatar
    You forgot PCL, my railroad.

    And also the infamous PO&N, created by Jim Ward.
  5. drchoi21's Avatar
    SBCX (operated by AMTZ, mainly PerRock and Mavirick)
    TCRX (Operated by TCR)
    ECNX (Operated by me)
    Noobmountain and Western NMRR? (Operated by Isegrinns)
    DVR operated by nathan mallard
    Fox Mountain Railroad, or FMR operated by J1b228
    DPR Dragon Pass Railroad, operated by dragonharh
    PCL, operated by SD45T-2
    PO&N operated by Jim Ward
  6. PerRock's Avatar
    Arbor Lines (Cathair Lines) operated by me.
    There is also Hentis Rail which was run by Hentis, however he isn't around anymore, but you can get a lot of content for it off the DLS.
    I believe the Razorback is fictional as well.

  7. SD45T-2's Avatar
    The Razorback Railway isn't really a railway, it's a route to run Australian Equipment on. It has no equipment just for the route.
  8. PerRock's Avatar
    However they operate it much more like an actual railroad then most fictional railroads out there.
  9. SD45T-2's Avatar
    Yes they do. I've played some of there act's and they are very realistic.

    And yes peter, I shall try to make PCL more real.
  10. boyerm25's Avatar
    All of Philskene's routes are fictional so you can add those.
    Chicago Metro by Sniper297.
  11. mtldrm38's Avatar
    Central city Industrial that I did is fictional just never painted any equuipment for it....
  12. boyerm25's Avatar
    That one doesn't have any track!
  13. boyerm25's Avatar
    Of course I may have not downloaded all the Deps.
  14. Jacobchgo19's Avatar
    Chicago Joliet and Eastern run by me
  15. sniper297's Avatar
    "And also the infamous PO&N, created by Jim Ward." I created the MSTS and railsim/railworks PO&N, the Trainz PO&N was all Phil Skene's work. My fictional route is loosely based on the prototype, but it IS fictional - the Chicago Metro.
  16. wilh's Avatar
    AMRoad & the Central Colorado (A predecessor of TCRX) (both run by me)
  17. SUBWAY125's Avatar
    Tri-State Commuter Rail, Corprail, Suffern & Eastern, Atlantic Newark Railway, KearnyRail, New York & Canada, New Jersey & Maryland, Carolina Commuter Rail, Rostron Valley Railroad, Indiana & Ohio
    Whew...that was long!
    Now for railroads not created by me but I plan on modeling
    Contrack (Planes Trains & Automobiles)

    If I get a version of Trainz for Christmas (I accidentally bought Railworks), I will start making some of these railroads. Tri-State Commuter Rail is my highest priority.
  18. RDLOVER777's Avatar
    the PVCR, PHLR, both are mine
  19. RedGemAlchemist's Avatar
    I have both the Standard Gauge Ayrle Valley Railway and the narrow gauge Dion Quarry Light Railway. Both are steam railways run through a small group of also fictional towns on the Wiltshire/Somerset border. The AVR is a heritage railway which unusually has its own liveries.
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