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(UPDATED) As the wedding bells trolls, more content gets underway

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Hello to everyone!! yes, I know that it has been months now since i finished section 1 of my 'unfinished route "Den Haag-Schiphol". but because i'd had stuff to do, fix up my website (now back again), and just spending time with my lovely GF, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars. Yes, if you look on my sig, on the right hand side:

There is my Girlfriend, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars.

I Really love her soooo much in my heart, and since as of now, we are Married, we are now living at her temple (Cherry Hill Temple).

Yes, so now that i'm living with her, I will make my contents from there. And spend some time with her as well.

Yea, yea, but what about the contents????

Oh yea, well in the past months, I have been doing a lot of stuff by the way. And me website has been some ups and Downs lately (meaning some uptimes and downtimes from my provider). But for now it's back and reloaded with new content, new looks, and new features.

Ill show you that in a next post. In the meantime, I have also made the one the new stuff I've been working on with my girlfriend Rei, the Metrolink Hyndai-Rotem Cars. Yes I know that none of it is good. But it's the real deal. It'll be made in sketchup and made from Adobe illustrator CS5.

Here's a shot I made:

And completed in Trainz:

Ok.....yea, somthing is NOT RIGHT.i have made a shadow mesh and made the attachments for bogeys using the PEV's Attachment Making tool. And when it shows up, it's missing!!!! I don't get it. Why isn't the bogeys showing up when I've added the attachments and added the paramiters in CCP.

And what about the windows? Yea, those will be made after the bogeys problem is completed. Then I'll add the windows. If only I can add interior, but problem is that it is Soo hard. If only someone with high sketchup ability to make the interiors will help me with it, I'll be a lot happier.

That's all I know for now, I'll see you in the next post.

From the Cherry Hill Temple,
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