Recent Railfanning Trip *LARGE PIC*

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Hello All!

Recently Nickel Plate Road 765 came through my area and I went to film. I actually almost missed it, even though I had anticipated it for days!
I got a few good pictures, and a video; but I more or less fancy the second train I saw. A Norfolk Southern Coal that I got from start up. That one was absolute luck as far as catching it goes. I'm very impressed with the photos of this train, as it was moving so slow. Since NKP 765 was a big deal, the local newspaper came to film. The video was taken down, and I'll do my best to find it for you, but if not I'll do a picture description. It was a big No-No. But here are some great pictures and links to both the Album, and both videos!

Norfolk Southern Coal



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    Nice Pic Guy, Thanks
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    Nice Pic Guy, Thanks
    Hey, Thank you very much!