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Updated August 19th, 2020 at 01:18 PM by ish6

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  1. ish6's Avatar
    Marsz-I Kit x v813 (Process Ahead Extremely Caution) <KUID2:58223:25472:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v815 (Buffer Stopper) <KUID2:58223:25751:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v819 (Unload Area) <KUID2:58223:25752:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v820 (Unload Area) <KUID2:58223:25753:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v821 (Flag Red) <KUID2:58223:24239:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v822 (Flag Black) <KUID:58223:32397>
    Marsz-I Kit x v823 (Flag Security) <KUID:58223:32398>
    Marsz-I Kit x v824 (Flag Medical Facility) <KUID:58223:32399>
    Marsz-I Kit x v825 (Flag Science Labs) <KUID:58223:32400>
    Marsz-I Kit x v826 (Flag CRAP) <KUID:58223:32401>
    Marsz-I Kit x v827 (Flag M) <KUID:58223:32402>
    Marsz-I Structure 713 (Landing Bay) <KUID2:58223:24513:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v830 (Circular Base) <KUID2:58223:24521:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v831 (Circular Tunnel) <KUID2:58223:24931:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v828 (Arrival Gate - Door) <KUID2:58223:28970:127>
    Marsz-I Kit x v829 (Arrival GatE Pillar) <KUID2:58223:28971:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 714 (Sky city) <KUID2:58223:24379:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 715 (Sky city) <KUID2:58223:24390:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 716 (Sky city) <KUID2:58223:24391:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 717 (Sky city) <KUID2:58223:24415:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 718 (Sky city) <KUID2:58223:24777:1>

    Well, that's it, Colonists!
    Enjoy, download them, be creative!!!
    Now, wash your hands, be safe and healthy, stay inside -- outside if you must! We will get over this, US just finished testing over a million samples in labs for a cure, and hopefully all world wide governments are doing the same!
    god bless all of you!!!


    Updated March 31st, 2020 at 07:30 PM by ish6
  2. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Colonists

    Here we go again, however, first things firsts: hope you are safe and healthy - wash your hands and stay home! But, Marsz' have its' doors open, and here is another list of new / updated items -- Check your content Creation Manager in trainz to download them!

    Marsz-I Structure 311 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25230:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 320 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25231:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 321 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25232:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 322 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25332:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 323 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25377:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 324 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25381:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 325 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25382:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 326 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25383:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 329 (Educational / Greenhouse B) <KUID2:58223:30138:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 327 (Educational / Greenhouse A) <KUID2:58223:30221:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 328 (Educational / Greenhouse B) <KUID2:58223:30240:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 792 (Educational Institution) <KUID2:58223:24977:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 793 (Educational Institution) <KUID2:58223:24978:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 794 (Educational Institution) <KUID2:58223:24979:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 795 (Educational Institution) <KUID2:58223:24980:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 796 (Educational Institution) <KUID2:58223:25159:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 797 (Educational Institution) <KUID2:58223:25168:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 798 (Educational Institution) <KUID2:58223:25425:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 730 (Medical Facility) <KUID2:58223:24104:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 731 (Medical Facility) <KUID2:58223:24108:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 723 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:24113:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 732 (Medical Facility) <KUID2:58223:24117:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 742 (Commercial Residential) <KUID2:58223:24127:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 744 (Commercial Residential) <KUID2:58223:24213:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 719 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:24373:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 729 (Glass Building) <KUID2:58223:24609:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 720 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:24708:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 721 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:24709:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 722 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:24716:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 740 (Industrial Base) <KUID2:58223:24767:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 738 (Industrial Base) <KUID2:58223:24768:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 743 (Industrial Base) <KUID2:58223:24769:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 728 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:24840:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 748 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:24842:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 749 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:24843:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 747 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:25172:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 746 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:25222:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 735 (Sky City) <KUID2:58223:25326:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 745 (Command HQ) <KUID2:58223:25376:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 733 (Medical Facility) <KUID2:58223:25396:1>


  3. ish6's Avatar
    Marsz-I Kit x v876 (Rest Station Maglev) <KUID2:58223:24223:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v877 (Rest Station Maglev) <KUID2:58223:24224:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v873 (Yard Station Maglev) <KUID2:58223:24367:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v874 (Yard Station Maglev) <KUID2:58223:24368:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v875 (Yard Station Maglev) <KUID2:58223:24369:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 786 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32426>
    Marsz-I Structure 787 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32427>
    Marsz-I Structure 788 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32428>
    Marsz-I Structure 789 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32429>
    Marsz-I Structure 790 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32430>
    Marsz-I Structure 791 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32431>
    Marsz-I Kit x v866 (Cargo Conventer belt) <KUID:58223:32432>
    Marsz-I Kit x v867 (Cargo Conventer belt) <KUID:58223:32433>
    Marsz-I Kit x v868 (Cargo Conventer belt) <KUID:58223:32434>
    Marsz-I Kit x v869 (Pillar Cargo Conventer belt) <KUID:58223:32435>
    Marsz-I Kit x v870 (Pillar Cargo Conventer belt) <KUID:58223:32436>
    Marsz-I Kit x v871 (Pillar Cargo Conventer belt) <KUID:58223:32437>
    Marsz-I Kit x v872 (Pillar Cargo Conventer belt) <KUID:58223:32438>
    Marsz-I Structure 760 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:10117:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 780 (Hanger) <KUID2:58223:24119:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 758 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:24366:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 779 (Hanger Mega) <KUID2:58223:24588:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 759 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24606:4>
    Marsz-I Structure 750 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:28994:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 751 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:28995:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 752 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:28996:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 753 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:28997:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 754 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:28998:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 755 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:28999:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 757 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:29001:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 737 (Industrial Base) <KUID2:58223:24244:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 734 (Sky City) <KUID2:58223:24793:2>

    Enjoy, and be creative, don't shy away -- A very creative and unique Marsz route would be surely different then anything on trainz today! LOL

    Ending transmission!

  4. ish6's Avatar
    Good Evenin Colonists --

    I sincerely hope you are safe and healthy while on Earth -- On Marsz air is filtered, and thing are kept clean, while we build content - Below are the latest new and updated buildings-- There's more new this round then previous uploads -- I've also included a screenshot of two items that will easily merge with Don49plm Marsz-D CRAP Container loader/Unloader
    interactive industry! And also in these you'll find the new shuttle with station, base, 3 overhead tracks, and the shuttle itself, which can be use to link up some marsz cities that are near each other, or other Bases!

    The picture, then list below:

    Marsz-I Structure 162 (CRAP Container Industries X) <KUID:58223:32482>
    Marsz-I Structure 163 (CRAP Container Industries X) <KUID:58223:32483>
    Marsz-I Science Lab Passageway A <KUID2:58223:25871:2>
    Marsz-I Science Lab Passageway B <KUID2:58223:25874:2>
    Marsz-I Science Lab Passageway C <KUID2:58223:25875:2>
    Marsz-I Science Lab Passageway D <KUID2:58223:25876:2>
    Marsz-I Science Lab Passageway E <KUID2:58223:25877:2>

    Marsz-I Kit x v893 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:24105:3>
    Marsz-I Kit x v894 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:24106:3>
    Marsz-I Kit x v895 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:24107:3>
    Marsz-I Kit x v896 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:24110:3>
    Marsz-I Kit x v897 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:24115:3>
    Marsz-I Kit x v898 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:24116:4>
    Marsz-I Kit x v903 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:24507:3>
    Marsz-I Kit x v900 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:25373:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v899 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:25433:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v901 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:25435:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v902 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:25436:2>

    Marsz-I Kit x v885 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:24378:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v886 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:24381:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v887 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:24470:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v892 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:28925:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v890 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:28926:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v891 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:28927:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v888 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:30005:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v889 (Passageway) <KUID2:58223:30006:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v882 (Passageway) <KUID:58223:32479>
    Marsz-I Kit x v883 (Passageway) <KUID:58223:32480>
    Marsz-I Kit x v884 (Passageway) <KUID:58223:32481>

    Marsz-I Structure 834 (Observation Dome) <KUID:58223:32477>
    Marsz-I Structure 835 (Labs) <KUID:58223:32478>
    Marsz-I Structure 829 (Labs) <KUID:58223:32472>
    Marsz-I Structure 830 (Labs) <KUID:58223:32473>
    Marsz-I Structure 831 (Labs) <KUID:58223:32474>
    Marsz-I Structure 832 (Observation Dome) <KUID:58223:32475>
    Marsz-I Structure 833 (Observation Dome) <KUID:58223:32476>

    Marsz-I Structure 826 (Labs) <KUID:58223:32469>
    Marsz-I Structure 827 (Labs) <KUID:58223:32470>
    Marsz-I Structure 828 (Labs) <KUID:58223:32471>
    Marsz-I Structure 821 (Shuttle Station) <KUID:58223:30307>
    Marsz-I Track 63 (Shuttle) <KUID:58223:30308>
    Marsz-I Track 64 (Shuttle) <KUID:58223:30310>
    Marsz-I Track 65 (Shuttle) <KUID:58223:30311>
    Marsz-I (eng) Shuttle <KUID:58223:30312>
    Marsz-I Structure 822 (Shuttle Station) <KUID:58223:32465>
    Marsz-I Structure 823 (Shuttle Station) <KUID:58223:32466>
    Marsz-I Structure 824 (Shuttle Station) <KUID:58223:32467>
    Marsz-I Structure 825 (Shuttle Station) <KUID:58223:32468>

    Marsz-I Structure 809 (Multilevel Locus) <KUID:58223:32453>
    Marsz-I Structure 810 (Multilevel Locus) <KUID:58223:32454>
    Marsz-I Structure 812 (Multilevel Locus) <KUID:58223:32455>
    Marsz-I Structure 813 (Multilevel Locus) <KUID:58223:32456>
    Marsz-I Structure 814 (Multilevel Locus) <KUID:58223:32457>
    Marsz-I Structure 815 (Multilevel Locus) <KUID:58223:32458>
    Marsz-I Structure 816 (Multilevel Locus) <KUID:58223:32459>
    Marsz-I Structure 817 (Multilevel Locus) <KUID:58223:32460>
    Marsz-I Structure 818 (Multilevel Locus) <KUID:58223:32461>
    Marsz-I Structure 819 (Multilevel Locus) <KUID:58223:32462>
    Marsz-I Structure 811 (Multilevel Locus) <KUID:58223:32463>
    Marsz-I Structure 820 (Multilevel Locus) <KUID:58223:32464>

  5. ish6's Avatar
    Marsz-I Structure 799 (Educational Recreation / Pool) <KUID:58223:32439>
    Marsz-I Structure 800 (Educational Recreation) <KUID:58223:32440>
    Marsz-I Structure 801 (Educational Recreation) <KUID:58223:32441>
    Marsz-I Structure 802 (Educational Recreation) <KUID:58223:32442>
    Marsz-I Structure 803 (Educational Recreation) <KUID:58223:32443>
    Marsz-I Structure 804 (Educational Recreation) <KUID:58223:32444>
    Marsz-I Structure 805 (Educational Recreation) <KUID:58223:32445>
    Marsz-I Structure 806 (Educational Recreation / Block) <KUID:58223:32446>
    Marsz-I Structure 807 (Educational Recreation / Block) <KUID:58223:32447>
    Marsz-I Structure 808 (Educational Recreation / Planetarian) <KUID:58223:32452>
    Marsz-I Kit x v878 (Billboard) <KUID:58223:32448>
    Marsz-I Kit x v879 (Billboard) <KUID:58223:32449>
    Marsz-I Kit x v880 (Billboard) <KUID:58223:32450>
    Marsz-I Kit x v881 (Billboard) <KUID:58223:32451>

    Marsz-I Structure 311 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25230:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 320 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25231:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 321 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25232:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 322 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25332:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 323 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25377:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 324 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25381:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 325 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25382:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 326 (Educational / Greenhouse) <KUID2:58223:25383:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 329 (Educational / Greenhouse B) <KUID2:58223:30138:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 327 (Educational / Greenhouse A) <KUID2:58223:30221:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 328 (Educational / Greenhouse B) <KUID2:58223:30240:1>

    Note: For the CRAP buildings there are CRAP signs / poster and doors which you can decorate the building as you wish!

  6. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists,

    Hope this post find you all in good, safe, and healthy conditions -- Stay home, wash hands, keep clean and always look toward a bright future!

    Now, Marsz -- the vast majority of items listed are new, with only a few updates! Let me add: items listed as Undergrounds are just to give the illusion that there's underground bankers beneath the surface, etc. Like always, all items are somewhat generic, but merged, put-together, and/or stock anyone can create something unique and fun if science fiction, with trainz is your thing! And lastly i am reaching 1000 structures, and 1000 kit's, a milestone on a personnal level for me, heha! LOL

    Well, here's the list, and so you know that I have been creating and uploading at the same time and moment, so most, or all are now at the DLS!

    Oh, and there's a module layout, a Marsz yard, with 20 tracks with proper switching made by Dom49plm -- You can copy/paste the switchers if you are having issues setting it up! I will extending this module as time passes!


    Marsz-I Science Labs Experimental Labs <KUID:58223:32546>
    Marsz-I Science Labs Power station A <KUID:58223:32541>
    Marsz-I Science Labs Power station B <KUID:58223:32542>
    Marsz-I Science Labs Power station C <KUID:58223:32543>
    Marsz-I Science Labs Power station D <KUID:58223:32544>
    Marsz-I Science Labs Power station E <KUID:58223:32545>

    Marsz-I Science Labs Research Center A <KUID:58223:32537>
    Marsz-I Science Labs Research Center B <KUID:58223:32538>
    Marsz-I Science Labs Research Center C <KUID:58223:32539>
    Marsz-I Science Labs Research Dome A <KUID:58223:32540>
    Marsz-I Structure 856 (Underground Station Connector) <KUID:58223:32535>
    Marsz-I Structure 857 (Underground Station Connector) <KUID:58223:32536>

    Marsz-I Structure 852 (Underground Cargo Unit) <KUID:58223:32531>
    Marsz-I Structure 853 (Underground Cargo Unit) <KUID:58223:32532>
    Marsz-I Structure 854 (Underground Cargo Unit) <KUID:58223:32533>
    Marsz-I Structure 855 (Underground Command Unit) <KUID:58223:32534>
    Marsz-I Structure 841 (Underground Facility) <KUID:58223:32520>
    Marsz-I Structure 842 (Underground Facility) <KUID:58223:32521>
    Marsz-I Structure 843 (Underground Facility) <KUID:58223:32522>
    Marsz-I Structure 844 (Underground Facility) <KUID:58223:32523>
    Marsz-I Structure 845 (Underground Barracks) <KUID:58223:32524>
    Marsz-I Structure 846 (Underground Barracks) <KUID:58223:32525>
    Marsz-I Structure 847 (Underground Barracks) <KUID:58223:32526>
    Marsz-I Structure 848 (Underground Intersection) <KUID:58223:32527>
    Marsz-I Structure 849 (Underground Intersection) <KUID:58223:32528>
    Marsz-I Structure 850 (Underground Mess unit) <KUID:58223:32529>
    Marsz-I Structure 851 (Underground Mess unit) <KUID:58223:32530>

    Marsz-I Structure 836 (Security Services) <KUID:58223:32503>
    Marsz-I Structure 837 (Security Services) <KUID:58223:32504>
    Marsz-I Structure 520 (Lab) <KUID:58223:32484>
    Marsz-I Structure 521 (Lab) <KUID:58223:32485>
    Marsz-I Structure 522 (Lab) <KUID:58223:32486>
    Marsz-I Structure 523 (Lab) <KUID:58223:32487>
    Marsz-I Structure 524 (Lab) <KUID:58223:32488>
    Marsz-I Structure 525 (Lab) <KUID:58223:32489>

    Marsz-I Structure 526 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32490>
    Marsz-I Structure 527 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32491>
    Marsz-I Structure 528 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32492>
    Marsz-I Structure 529 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32493>
    Marsz-I Structure 530 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32494>
    Marsz-I Structure 531 (Gallery) <KUID:58223:32495>
    Marsz-I Structure 532 (Gallery) <KUID:58223:32496>
    Marsz-I Structure 533 (Gallery) <KUID:58223:32497>
    Marsz-I Structure 534 (Thermal Power Plant) <KUID:58223:32498>
    Marsz-I Structure 535 (Thermal Power Plant X) <KUID:58223:32499>
    Marsz-I Structure 536 (Thermal Power Plant X) <KUID:58223:32500>
    Marsz-I Structure 537 (Thermal Power Plant X) <KUID:58223:32501>
    Marsz-I Structure 538 (Thermal Power Plant X) <KUID:58223:32502>

  7. ish6's Avatar
    Marsz-I Kit x v066 (Ramp) <KUID2:58223:25808:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v067 (Ramp) <KUID2:58223:25809:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v068 (Ramp) <KUID2:58223:25810:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v069 (Ramp) <KUID2:58223:25811:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v923 (Rover Ramp) <KUID2:58223:30113:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v924 (Ramp Crossover) <KUID2:58223:29191:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v925 (Ramp Crossover) <KUID2:58223:29192:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v926 (Ramp Crossover) <KUID2:58223:29193:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v927 (Ramp Crossover) <KUID2:58223:29194:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v928 (Ramp Crossover) <KUID2:58223:30040:1>

    Marsz-I Kit x v919 (Ramp) <KUID2:58223:24885:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v920 (Ramp) <KUID2:58223:24896:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v921 (Ramp) <KUID2:58223:24897:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v922 (Ramp) <KUID2:58223:24898:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v916 (Ramp) <KUID2:58223:30175:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v917 (Ramp) <KUID2:58223:30176:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v918 (Ramp) <KUID2:58223:30177:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v909 (Underground Vault) <KUID2:58223:32510:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v911 (Underground Vault / Roof) <KUID2:58223:32512:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v912 (Underground Vault / Roof) <KUID2:58223:32513:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v913 (Underground Vault / Roof) <KUID:58223:32514>
    Marsz-I Kit x v914 (Underground Vault / Roof) <KUID:58223:32515>
    Marsz-I Kit x v915 (Underground Vault Connector) <KUID:58223:32516>
    Marsz-I Structure 838 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32517>
    Marsz-I Structure 839 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32518>
    Marsz-I Structure 840 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32519>
    Marsz-I Kit x v904 (Wind Lazer Shield) <KUID:58223:32505>
    Marsz-I Kit x v905 (Wind Lazer Shield) <KUID:58223:32506>
    Marsz-I Kit x v906 (Underground Vault) <KUID:58223:32507>
    Marsz-I Kit x v907 (Underground Vault) <KUID:58223:32508>
    Marsz-I Kit x v908 (Wind Lazer Shield) <KUID:58223:32509>
    Marsz-I Kit x v909 (Underground Vault) <KUID:58223:32510>
    Marsz-I Kit x v910 (Underground Vault Station) <KUID:58223:32511>
    Marsz-I Kit x v911 (Underground Vault / Roof) <KUID:58223:32512>
    Marsz-I Kit x v912 (Underground Vault / Roof) <KUID:58223:32513>

    Marsz Yard v1-A - 20 Tracks <KUID:58223:100053>

    Until next time ...
  8. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Colonists

    1. Hope everyone is safe and healthy, and in good spirits! Keep up the good work!

    2. I'll be updating the Marsz Blog the first week of every month with any new/updated items; However, since this item requires a second item to really look functional i figured i give a very brieft update now:

    Marsz-I Structure 881 (Coal Loader Expansion-Marsz-D)
    NOTE: This item is made to be used with MARSZ-D's Carelton Rapids and Pottash Container loader / unloader interactive industry kuids


  9. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Colonists,

    When you read these posts I hope to find you safe and healthy in these crazy times, as well as your families!
    What I have done is create new and updated contents during the entire month of May, and now I will display that contents here, including some pictures that will come at the end of the posts. Also, I will display a list of contents made by passed Marsz contributors at the end!

    Ah, I've reached and passed 1000 kit's!

    Also, I've been thinking about creating other interesting worlds. See, although these items are titled Marsz, they can be use to create sci-fi layouts, for example, the movie Avatar, which is Earth-like, with a sci-fi twist to it, or Interstellar. Etc. Just simply have fun with trainz, and what it can do; For example: Let's say time does not change, and it's sunlight all day, you know, as a fun-sci-fi thing to do' so for this we need time-manipulation in Trainz - I asked at the forum, and Pware came up with this solution:

    "without the "Setup Options Rule" and the "Time and Rate Rule" present I have noticed that the time of day is 12:00 noon and does not change."

    Just thinking out of the box, having fun with trainz, and all we can do with it, LOL In fact, I've created some skies to create alien worlds! As we all know, in real life, there's trillion of planets out in the universe!

    Lastly, if you see anything wrong with any of the items titled, or texturing's, etc please please just
    drop me a PM: just copy/paste the item's title, if it's not too much trouble, so I can fix it!

    Well, Thanks for reading posts, stay safe and healthy Colonists! -- Here comes the list

    PS. My apologies, to many posts, it's because N3V limits the amount of characters that can be posted on a post!

    PSS. Unfortunately, I am a dialysis patient, so on June 2 I have surgery to re-arrange my veins to get better dialysis!
    Hopefully things are find at the end of that day, and I'll get back to creating. etc!

    The List
    Marsz-I Structure 013 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32676>
    Marsz-I Structure 082 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32677>
    Marsz-I Structure 090 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32678>
    Marsz-I Structure 419 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32679>
    Marsz-I Structure 440 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32687>
    Marsz-I Structure 708 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32688>
    Marsz-I Structure 618 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32689>
    Marsz-I Structure 619 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32690>
    Marsz-I Structure 900 (Colony Station 200m) <KUID:58223:32691> New station
    Marsz-I Envir 06 (Cyan Sky circa 2020) <KUID:58223:32673>
    Marsz-I Envir 07 (Dark-Cyan Sky circa 2020) <KUID:58223:32674>
    Marsz-I Envir 08 (Dark-Red Sky circa 2020) <KUID:58223:32675>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1057 (Super Crane) <KUID2:58223:29123:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1056 (Straddle Crane) <KUID2:58223:30252:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1054 (CRANE-100) <KUID:58223:32671>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1055 (CRANE-150) <KUID:58223:32672>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1051 (Radio Antenna) <KUID2:58223:24533:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1052 (Radio Transmission) <KUID2:58223:24828:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1053 (Radio Transmission) <KUID2:58223:24829:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1050 (Relay Antenna-200m) <KUID:58223:32670>
    Marsz-I Structure 128 (Commercial District) <KUID2:58223:24348:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 129 (Commercial District) <KUID2:58223:24534:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1048 (Elevator) <KUID2:58223:29978:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1049 (Elevator) <KUID2:58223:29979:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 260 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32659>
    Marsz-I Structure 261 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32660>
    Marsz-I Structure 262 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32661>
    Marsz-I Structure 263 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32662>
    Marsz-I Structure 264 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32663>
    Marsz-I Structure 265 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32664>
    Marsz-I Structure 266 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32665>
    Marsz-I Structure 267 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32666>
    Marsz-I Structure 268 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32667>
    Marsz-I Structure 269 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32668>

  10. ish6's Avatar
    Marsz-I Structure 897 (Delta Sector-Passenger Corridor) <KUID2:58223:28865:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 895 (Delta Sector-Passenger Corridor) <KUID2:58223:28871:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 896 (Delta Sector-Passenger Corridor) <KUID2:58223:29053:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 898 (Delta Sector-Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32669>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1042 (Tunnel Accessory) <KUID2:58223:24464:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1043 (Tunnel Accessory) <KUID2:58223:24465:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1044 (Tunnel Accessory) <KUID2:58223:24466:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1045 (Tunnel Accessory) <KUID2:58223:24467:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1047 (Tunnel Accessory) <KUID2:58223:24468:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1046 (Tunnel Accessory) <KUID2:58223:30146:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 223 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32650>
    Marsz-I Structure 224 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32651>
    Marsz-I Structure 225 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32652>
    Marsz-I Structure 226 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32653>
    Marsz-I Structure 227 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32654>
    Marsz-I Structure 228 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32655>
    Marsz-I Structure 229 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32656>
    Marsz-I Structure 230 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32657>
    Marsz-I Structure 231 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32658>
    Marsz-I Structure 023 (Lab-Extension) <KUID2:58223:29064:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1033 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30028:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1034 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30030:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1035 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30031:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1036 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30032:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1037 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30033:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1038 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30034:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1039 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30035:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1040 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30036:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1041 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30037:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 219 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32646>
    Marsz-I Structure 220 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32647>
    Marsz-I Structure 221 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32648>
    Marsz-I Structure 222 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32649>
    Marsz-I Structure 030 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32638>
    Marsz-I Structure 031 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32639>
    Marsz-I Structure 032 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32640>
    Marsz-I Structure 033 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32641>
    Marsz-I Structure 034 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32642>
    Marsz-I Structure 035 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32643>
    Marsz-I Structure 036 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32644>
    Marsz-I Structure 037 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32645>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1032 (Mega Warehouse-Storage) <KUID:58223:32385>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1017 (Beacon Light) <KUID2:58223:24495:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1018 (Beacon Light) <KUID2:58223:24496:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1018 (Beacon Light) <KUID2:58223:24497:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1020 (Sign) <KUID2:58223:29313:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1021 (Sign) <KUID2:58223:29314:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1022 (Sign) <KUID2:58223:29315:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1023 (Sign) <KUID2:58223:29317:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1024 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29071:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1025 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29072:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1026 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29073:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1027 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29074:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1028 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29075:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1029 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29076:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1030 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29077:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1031 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29078:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 894 (Trans Habitat) <KUID2:58223:25327:2>


  11. ish6's Avatar
    Marsz-I Kit x v1015 (Tower Sign) <KUID2:58223:29144:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 091 (Mega Base) <KUID2:58223:29145:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 092 (Mega Base) <KUID2:58223:29146:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 882 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:32637:127>
    Marsz-I Structure 211 (Aerial Quarters) <KUID2:58223:32636:127>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1000 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32621 My 1000 crossover
    Marsz-I Kit x v1001 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32622>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1002 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32623>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1003 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32624>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1004 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32625>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1005 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32626>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1006 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32627>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1007 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32628>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1008 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32629>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1009 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32630>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1010 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32631>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1011 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32632>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1012 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32633>
    Marsz-I Kit x v999 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32620>
    Marsz-I Kit x v997 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32618>
    Marsz-I Kit x v998 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32619>
    Marsz-I Kit x v078 (Access Door) <KUID2:58223:24148:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v079 (Access Door) <KUID2:58223:24149:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v080 (Access Door) <KUID2:58223:24159:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v081 (Access Door) <KUID2:58223:24392:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v083 (Access Door) <KUID2:58223:24706:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v082 (Access Door) <KUID2:58223:24707:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v089 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25815:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v090 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25816:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v091 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25817:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v092 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25818:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v093 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25819:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v094 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25820:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v095 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25821:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v096 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25822:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v097 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25823:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v098 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25824:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v088 (DOME) <KUID2:58223:25898:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v995 (Power Electric Generator) <KUID2:58223:29284:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v996 (Radar Detection Tower) <KUID:58223:32617>
    Marsz-I Structure 883 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25417:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 884 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25418:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 885 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25419:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 886 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25420:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 887 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25421:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 888 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25422:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 889 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25428:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 890 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25429:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 891 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25430:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 892 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25431:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 893 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25441:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v987 (Maglev Fixed-Track 200m) <KUID2:58223:25343:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v988 (Maglev Fixed-Track 200m) <KUID2:58223:25344:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v989 (Maglev Fixed-Track 300m) <KUID2:58223:25345:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v990 (Maglev Fixed-Track 300m) <KUID2:58223:25346:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v991 (Maglev Fixed-Track 400m) <KUID2:58223:25347:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v992 (Maglev Fixed-Track 400m) <KUID2:58223:25348:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v993 (Maglev Fixed-Track 500m) <KUID2:58223:25349:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v994 (Maglev Fixed-Track 500m) <KUID2:58223:25350:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v977 (Maglev Fixed-Track 25m) <KUID2:58223:25307:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v978 (Maglev Fixed-Track 25m) <KUID2:58223:25334:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v979 (Maglev Fixed-Track 50m) <KUID2:58223:25335:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v980 (Maglev Fixed-Track 50m) <KUID2:58223:25336:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v981 (Maglev Fixed-Track 75m) <KUID2:58223:25337:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v982 (Maglev Fixed-Track 75m) <KUID2:58223:25338:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v983 (Maglev Fixed-Track 100m) <KUID2:58223:25339:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v984 (Maglev Fixed-Track 100m) <KUID2:58223:25340:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v985 (Maglev Fixed-Track 150m) <KUID2:58223:25341:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v986 (Maglev Fixed-Track 150m) <KUID2:58223:25342:1>
  12. ish6's Avatar
    Marsz-I Structure 871 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24641:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 872 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24656:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 873 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24899:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 874 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24900:1>
    Marsz-I Envir 04 (Green-Alien Sky) <KUID2:58223:30309:1>
    Marsz-I Envir 00 (Orange Sky-Strong circa 2500) <KUID:58223:32612>
    Marsz-I Envir 01 (Orange Sky-Gentle circa 2500) <KUID:58223:32613>
    Marsz-I Envir 02 (Red Sky circa 2000) <KUID:58223:32614>
    Marsz-I Envir 03 (Orange-Reddish-lite Sky circa 2500) <KUID:58223:32615>
    Marsz-I Envir 05 (Green-lite-Alien Sky) <KUID:58223:32616>
    Marsz-I Kit x v973 (Reservoirs - Below Surface) <KUID2:58223:24789:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v974 (Reservoirs - Below Surface) <KUID2:58223:24790:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v975 (Reservoirs - Below Surface) <KUID2:58223:24791:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v972 (Reservoirs - Below Surface) <KUID:58223:32610>
    Marsz-I Kit x v976 (Reservoirs - Below Surface) <KUID:58223:32611>
    Marsz-I Structure 881 (Coal Loader Expansion-Marsz-D) <KUID:58223:32604>
    Marsz-I Kit x v968 (Conveyor - Coal Loader) <KUID:58223:32605>
    Marsz-I Kit x v967 (Conveyor - Coal Loader) <KUID:58223:32606>
    Marsz-I Kit x v969 (Conveyor - Coal Loader) <KUID:58223:32607>
    Marsz-I Kit x v970 (Conveyor - Coal Loader) <KUID:58223:32608>
    Marsz-I Kit x v971 (Conveyor - Coal Loader) <KUID:58223:32609>

    Marsz-I Structure 864 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24610:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 862 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24611:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 863 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24612:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 865 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24628:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 866 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24629:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 867 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24637:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 868 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24638:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 869 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24639:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 870 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24640:2>

    Marsz-I Structure 876 (Pool Center) <KUID:58223:32599>
    Marsz-I Structure 877 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32600>
    Marsz-I Structure 878 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32601>
    Marsz-I Structure 879 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32602>
    Marsz-I Structure 880 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32603>

    Marsz-I Structure 875 (Pool Center) <KUID:58223:32598>

    Marsz-I Structure 858 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32594>
    Marsz-I Structure 859 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32595>
    Marsz-I Structure 860 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32596>
    Marsz-I Structure 861 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32597>

    Marsz-I Structure 180 (POD - Recreation Center) <KUID:58223:32593>

    Marsz-I Structure 270 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32585>
    Marsz-I Structure 271 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32586>
    Marsz-I Structure 272 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32587>
    Marsz-I Structure 273 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32588>
    Marsz-I Structure 274 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32589>
    Marsz-I Structure 275 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32590>
    Marsz-I Structure 276 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32591>
    Marsz-I Structure 177 (Park Display Track & Field) <KUID:58223:32592>

  13. ish6's Avatar
    Marsz-I Kit x v952 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32570>
    Marsz-I Kit x v953 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32571>
    Marsz-I Kit x v954 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32572>
    Marsz-I Kit x v955 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32573>
    Marsz-I Kit x v956 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32574>
    Marsz-I Kit x v957 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32575>
    Marsz-I Kit x v958 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32576>
    Marsz-I Kit x v959 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32577>
    Marsz-I Kit x v960 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32578>
    Marsz-I Kit x v961 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32579>
    Marsz-I Kit x v962 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32580>
    Marsz-I Kit x v963 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32581>
    Marsz-I Kit x v964 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32582>
    Marsz-I Kit x v965 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32583>
    Marsz-I Kit x v966 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32584>

    Marsz-I Kit x v942 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32560>
    Marsz-I Kit x v943 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32561>
    Marsz-I Kit x v944 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32562>
    Marsz-I Kit x v945 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32563>
    Marsz-I Kit x v946 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32564>
    Marsz-I Kit x v947 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32565>
    Marsz-I Kit x v948 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32566>
    Marsz-I Kit x v949 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32567>
    Marsz-I Kit x v950 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32568>
    Marsz-I Kit x v951 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32569>

    Marsz-I Kit x v941 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32559

    Marsz-I Kit x v929 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32547>
    Marsz-I Kit x v930 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32548>
    Marsz-I Kit x v931 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32549>
    Marsz-I Kit x v932 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32550>
    Marsz-I Kit x v933 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32551>
    Marsz-I Kit x v934 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32552>
    Marsz-I Kit x v935 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32553>
    Marsz-I Kit x v936 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32554>
    Marsz-I Kit x v937 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32555>
    Marsz-I Kit x v938 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32556>
    Marsz-I Kit x v939 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32557>
    Marsz-I Kit x v940 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32558>


  14. ish6's Avatar
    Now, these are Ben Dorsey Marsz contents, RIP my dear friend! He was my dear friend, very generous, and he loved astronomy, even had a large expensive telescope in his backyard. Sadly, he passed away while, I myself, was in the ICU in 2018! To me, it seems it's always the good guys that leave us from forums! I really missed him!!!

    His Marsz contributions on my request, and his own merit!

    Ben Dorsey items:
    MARSZ_Centipede_Level_1_Interior,<kuid2:210518:110 14:1>
    MARSZ _Plane_Turntable,<kuid2:210518:11022:1>

    List end~

    Note - We have many organizations working on Marsz, they are:

    Marsz industries (over sees Marsz operations for residents and workers)
    CRAP industries (operate constructions and mining services. Etc.)
    Science Labs (handles anything alien, except for energy-base)
    Military Service Units (keeps the peace)
    Marsz Military (Handles large scale problemss - need to work on this on a big expansion)
    Delta Sector (very secretive - they deal with alien energy)
    Marsz Lab (Handles all natural resources like gas. etc.)
    The Omega Sector (Bio-organic, very secretive as well)
    Marsz Alliance (Operates all constructions on Marsz, sometimes work with other Organizations)
    B-57 Distributions
    E-67 Distribution
    Logan Distributions

    There might be one or two that i am missing, so I'll update this list in the future!

    Here are some pictures:




    Enjoy, akways be creative, and most imortantly, stay safe and healthy

  15. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Colonists --
    Happy July - Hope all of you are safe and healthy!!

    Long story short -- working on a route called Marsz, the Pioneer Missions, and it's sessions, so all content, unless i need something for the route, has been halted for now! More information about the route/session when I update the Marsz blog next month!

    For now, stay safe and healthy!

  16. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists

    Normally, I would update the Blog once a month, however, we have enter into a new era on Marsz, and this is routes and sessions! Avaialbe at this moment at the DLS a new updated Marsz Liberation v2, and a simple session! Pic's and kuids below! However, soon a new much bigger route will arrive at the DLS --This new route is call MARSZ, THE PIONEER MISSIONS! At this moment the route is done, but I'm conducting runs on it's first session, which has delay a bit long from arriving at the DLS (more on this Route/Session at a later time) -- For now, enjoy your visits here!

    Please be safe, and healthy!

    MARSZ LIBERATIONS v2 (module) <KUID:58223:100075>
    NOTE -- The session is an automatic aerial unti showcasting the station! It's a sit back and enjoy the view scenario!

  17. butler57's Avatar
    Hi All,

    As you know Ish6 has been very busy building a series of new Marsz routes (which I believe he will eventually link together) plus some sessions for them.
    I have been working with Ish for about 8 or 9 years now helping test, advise and support his magnificent "Marsz Projects".

    I have also done some reskins for the upcoming routes and will probably do some more at Ish's behest.

    They should be on DLS now (plus some updates in 24 hours):
    <kuid:369756:103250> MARSZ-H General Goods Container
    <kuid2:369756:100026:1> MARSZ-H MI COMMAND CONSIST
    <kuid2:369756:103251:1> MARSZ-H MI COMMAND FREIGHT CONSIST
    <kuid2:369756:103237:1> MARSZ-H MI CC001 Container Unit V2
    <kuid2:369756:103239:1> MARSZ-H MI CO001 100ft Ore Unit V2
    <kuid:369756:103248> MARSZ-H General Goods Container (empty)
    <kuid:387111:101208> MARSZ-D M5a 02 Rear Command Unit
    <kuid:369756:103249> MARSZ-H General Goods Container (scenery)
    <kuid:369756:103246> MARSZ-H Ore Container
    <kuid:369756:103247> MARSZ-H Ore Container (scenery)
    <kuid:369756:103244> MARSZ-H XP-01 Bogey Front V2
    <kuid:369756:103242> MARSZ-H XP-02 Bogey front V2
    <kuid:369756:103241> MARSZ-H XP-02 Bogey Rear V2
    <kuid:369756:103238> MARSZ-H MI CPU001 Power Unit V2
    <kuid:369756:103240> MARSZ-H MI CPU002 Power Unit V2
    <kuid:369756:103236> MARSZ-H MI CP001 Command Passenger Car V2
    <kuid:369756:103235> MARSZ-H MI CP002 Command Passenger Car V2
    <kuid:369756:103229> MARSZ-H MI-CM005 Rear Command Unit-Marsz Industries V2
    <kuid:369756:103228> MARSZ-H MI-CM002 Command Module-Marsz Industries V2
    <kuid:369756:103227> MARSZ-H MI-CM001 Command Module-Marsz Industries V2
  18. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists!

    Marsz is growing!

    Yesterday, in the real world, NASA latest rover, Perseverance, launched for MARS. It will arrive mid-Feb. However, here in our fictional world we have traveled hundreds of years into Marsz' future to already have an established colony...and ever expanding colony.

    At the DLS there's a number of Mars Modules, which will perfectly merge into one giant route to create any kind of route that you may desire. However, if this is not your cup of tea these same modules are being used to form my own route call Marsz, the Pioneer Missions (coming soon). Not all of the Modules will be merge in the first phase of construction. For example, Marsz Gemini Chemical Manufacturer will not part in phase 1,but will be in phase 2. Now, with that said, let me not bored you anymore. Below is a list of Marsz Modules at the DLS. Some of these modules come with their own sessions.

    About the sessions:
    The sessions are listed below, and they are very basic simple sessions that consists of Aerial Units taking off, circling the complex, and landing. However, while it circles the complex details are revealed about the station operations. Everything there's is to know about that station will be address. The sessions will give you an idea how to use such stations when merging, or expanding on the modules, so for example: Marsz Aura Transfer yard Station could be use when the Marsz Hitomic station is over capacity, since Aura can handle over 300 rolling stocks. Many more modules will emerged in the coming months, because it's easy to create them, and then merge them later to the route. And in the mean time I can upload such modules as stand-alone.

    Lastly, try out Butler57 Marsz reskinned. He specializes in creating reskin to make Marsz contents look dusty. I already use some of his stuff in my layouts and modules.

    Well, I hope you like it all, and have fun it's sciif, thinking out of the box, kind of Trainz, unique to itself, but all of the principles issues are there: passenger pick-up, load and unload goods, and distributions. Etc.

    MARSZHITOMI STATION <KUID2:58223:100101:1>
    MARSZPHOENIX STATION <KUID2:58223:100155:1>
    MARSZMIDWAY STATION <KUID2:58223:100284:2>
    MARSZ LIBERATIONS v2<KUID:58223:100075>

    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region M - Valley <KUID2:58223:100150:1>
    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region N - Valley <KUID2:58223:100275:1>

    MARSZMODULE - Transfer Yard A <KUID2:58223:100298:1>
    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region I - Mountains <KUID2:58223:28949:1>
    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region J - Mountains <KUID2:58223:100266:1>
    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region K - Mountains <KUID2:58223:100327:1>
    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region L - Valley <KUID2:58223:100302:1>

    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region F - Outpost 23 <KUID2:58223:100268:1>
    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region G - Mountains <KUID2:58223:100264:2>
    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region H - Mountains <KUID2:58223:100067:1>

    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region E - Outpost 6 <KUID2:58223:100189:1>
    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region B <KUID2:58223:100293:2>
    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region C <KUID2:58223:100168:1>
    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region D <KUID2:58223:100325:1>

    MARSZMODULE - Desolated Region A <KUID2:58223:100291:1>


    Marsz-IStructure 901 (M95a Elephant track vehicle)<KUID:58223:32695>
    Marsz-I Structure 902 (M95a Elephanttrack vehicle / Trailer) <KUID:58223:32696>

    Marsz-IKit x v1087 (Pumping Facility) <KUID:58223:32693>
    Marsz-IStructure 135 (Aerial Outpost - Medical Center)<KUID2:58223:24233:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 136 (Aerial Outpost- Technical Lab) <KUID2:58223:24241:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 134(Aerial Outpost - Barrack) <KUID2:58223:24913:1>

    Marsz-IStructure (Omega Sector) <KUID2:58223:29056:1>
    Marsz-I Kit xv1058 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29993:1>
    Marsz-I Kitx v1059 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29994:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1060 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29995:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1061 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29996:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1062 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29997:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1063 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29998:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1064 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29999:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1065 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:30000:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1066 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:30001:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1067 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:30002:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1068 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29007:2>
    Marsz-IKit x v1069 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29008:2>
    Marsz-IKit x v1070 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29009:2>
    Marsz-IKit x v1071 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29010:2>
    Marsz-IKit x v1072 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29011:2>
    Marsz-IKit x v1073 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29012:2>
    Marsz-IKit x v1074 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29013:2>
    Marsz-IKit x v1075 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29014:2>
    Marsz-IKit x v1086 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29015:2>
    Marsz-IKit x v1076 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29985:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1077 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29986:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1078 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29987:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1079 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29988:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1080 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29989:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1081 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29990:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1082 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29991:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1083 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:29992:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1084 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:30003:1>
    Marsz-IKit x v1085 (Landing Pad Runway) <KUID2:58223:30004:1> Marsz-IPaint Baseboard 000 (Alien) <KUID:58223:32681>
    Marsz-I PaintBaseboard 001 (Alien) <KUID:58223:32682>
    Marsz-I PaintBaseboard 002 (Alien) <KUID:58223:32683>
    Marsz-I PaintBaseboard 003 (Alien) <KUID:58223:32684>
    Marsz-I Envir 09(Multi-color Sky circa 2500) <KUID:58223:32685>
    Marsz-IEnvir 10 (Multi-color Sky circa 2500) <KUID:58223:32686>
    Marsz-IPaint Baseboard 004 (Alien) <KUID:58223:32692>

  19. ish6's Avatar

    Enjoy, and be healthy
  20. mharleman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ish6
    Marsz-I Kit x v952 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32570>
    Marsz-I Kit x v953 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32571>
    Marsz-I Kit x v954 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32572>
    Marsz-I Kit x v955 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32573>
    Marsz-I Kit x v956 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32574>
    Marsz-I Kit x v957 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32575>
    Marsz-I Kit x v958 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32576>
    Marsz-I Kit x v959 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32577>
    Marsz-I Kit x v960 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32578>
    Marsz-I Kit x v961 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32579>
    Marsz-I Kit x v962 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32580>
    Marsz-I Kit x v963 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32581>
    Marsz-I Kit x v964 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32582>
    Marsz-I Kit x v965 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32583>
    Marsz-I Kit x v966 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32584>

    Marsz-I Kit x v942 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32560>
    Marsz-I Kit x v943 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32561>
    Marsz-I Kit x v944 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32562>
    Marsz-I Kit x v945 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32563>
    Marsz-I Kit x v946 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32564>
    Marsz-I Kit x v947 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32565>
    Marsz-I Kit x v948 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32566>
    Marsz-I Kit x v949 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32567>
    Marsz-I Kit x v950 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32568>
    Marsz-I Kit x v951 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32569>

    Marsz-I Kit x v941 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32559

    Marsz-I Kit x v929 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32547>
    Marsz-I Kit x v930 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32548>
    Marsz-I Kit x v931 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32549>
    Marsz-I Kit x v932 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32550>
    Marsz-I Kit x v933 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32551>
    Marsz-I Kit x v934 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32552>
    Marsz-I Kit x v935 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32553>
    Marsz-I Kit x v936 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32554>
    Marsz-I Kit x v937 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32555>
    Marsz-I Kit x v938 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32556>
    Marsz-I Kit x v939 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32557>
    Marsz-I Kit x v940 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32558>


    I got errors with <KUID:58223:32559>. Just letting you know. Don't have the window up with the errors or I would list them for you. I think the work you have done here is incredible. You have invested into this project since 2012 as far as I could tell from the Download Center and maybe before. It is top quality work. I wish I had half the creativity you possess. I haven't gotten a single error so far except this one. To me considering the sheer volume of assets here that's incredible.

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