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90+ Marsz Modules & 4500+ Assets at the DLS!
PlusThe MARSZ ROUTE version 01 at the DLS
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Updated December 31st, 2021 at 03:40 PM by ish6

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  1. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Colonists --

    In the last 2 weeks I have updated my old rolling stocks to match's Don's rolling stocks and engines. There are now over 200 from the old rolling stocks with light effects to match at the DLS. There is still more RS's to go, so we are not quite there yet.

    Also, there's a new engine -- Not your traditional type of engine, but something fun, the Stinger. However, I will be making more traditional type of engines so we can have a vast variety to choose from. I will be looking at other locomotive at the DLS, and design these new engines as such, so we can still have that earth-like feel.

    Now, I have uploaded over 100 new items call "Structures" -- Although a few are new, most of them are reskinned to match Marsz new black and yellow textures. so, for example, Marsz-I Structure 77 (AVH) is a reskined of Marsz-I Aerial Vehicle Hanger. However, I will use the structure prefix for new items too. I feel it's a much more easier system to find what you can use, so for example, a new omega warehouse will be upload in the next week, etc so this warehouse will be called Marsz-I Structure 100 (Warehouse) - The full name will be in use since it's a new items, and not reskinned.

    So, since the list of uploads is so long I will just type this:
    Marsz-I Structure 00-80 are now at the DLS.(a few of these are new items)

    Marsz-I MB57 Stinger <KUID:58223:29055>

    All of the updated rolling stocks can be seen in the video below, and these are all at the DLS too!

    Everyone, enjoy the video!
    Thanks for stopping by, and all have a great weekend!

    PS. If you find any error or problem, something does not like right please let me know through here, PM or email so I can fix such items and uploads! Since I am working with so much content a few could have fall through the cracks! Thanks!

    <span style="color:#ff0000;"><em>
  2. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Colonists --
    Edited -- I have upgrade the stations textures!
    New screenshotz at a later time!
    Updated July 30th, 2014 at 04:35 PM by ish6
  3. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning All --

    Updated of old rolling stocks -- Below is the list, and all are at the DLS! Update as necessary! (4 are military drivable units)
    Also, a teaser photo of Marsz newest Land Rover coming in the next uploads next week, etc!

    Enjoy, and all have a safe weekend!!!

    Marsz-I Hopper 07 <KUID2:58223:24279:1>
    Marsz-I Hopper 08 <KUID2:58223:24282:1>
    Marsz-I Hopper 09 <KUID2:58223:24283:1>
    Marsz-I Special Unit 14 (Car Generator) <KUID2:58223:24286:1>
    Marsz-I Special Unit 15 (Car Generator) <KUID2:58223:24287:1>
    Marsz-I Special Unit 16 (Car Generator) <KUID2:58223:24289:1>
    Marsz-I Special Unit 17 (Car Generator) <KUID2:58223:24297:1>
    Marsz-I Flatcar 92ft 4 <KUID2:58223:24328:1>
    Marsz-I Butler Freight 1 <KUID2:58223:24984:1>
    Marsz-I Flatcar 92ft 3 <KUID2:58223:28942:2>
    Marsz-I Military 19 (Rocket) <KUID2:58223:24343:1>
    Marsz-I Military 20 (Rocket) <KUID2:58223:24344:1>
    Marsz-I Military 18 (Rocket) <KUID2:58223:24345:1>
    Marsz-I Military 17 (HKTR) <KUID2:58223:24508:1>
    Marsz-I Military 16 (Drivable Armor Vehicle) <KUID:58223:29139>

    4500+ assets at tne DLS
    Updated August 19th, 2020 at 09:53 AM by ish6
  4. DON49PLM's Avatar
    To the people of Marsz. Don't let the Carelton company take over Marsz. There not telling you the whole story. They have weapons!

    "The Rebel Alliance"

  5. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Colonists!

    Hope everyone is well ---

    Due to pre-beta TANE release I got side track: However, these Land Rovers along with more then 60+ items are coming this week!

    Now, due to the rising Rebel Alliance, Marsz Security Agency or MSA are here to protect planet regional interest! These are 4 Land Rover (MLR54-S1 thru S4) .... They have a very basic cab for just showing a cab view!

    Bogies -- Thanks to Ben (our dear master bridge maker)! He made these bogies last year, and finally I am getting around to using them!

    BTW -- Been working on a Marsz Layout finally -- I got five bases done, etc ... more on this at a later time!


    4500+ assets at tne DLS
    Updated August 19th, 2020 at 09:54 AM by ish6
  6. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists --

    Hope all of you have a great Saturday as I am! Later today going to the Mall to buy school supplies for my little one's, both 5 years old -- Going to school in two weeks for the first time!

    Well, Marsz will received over 100 items -- Some new, some updated, etc -- See list below (Will keep the list up for a couple of weeks only!) To view items type Marsz-I Structure in CMP+ or the DLS to view such items -- Since they are listed with a number it's easy to fine the new one's!

    Also, I have been working on my Marsz layout, which I come to called "Marsz, New Horizons" -- I am glad to say that it's growing rapidly, with many bases, outposts, etc -- It's coming out nicely! Thinking of setting up a demo session to show you guys, so I have to see how that goes! Also, sessions will be call Mission 1th, Mission 2nd, etc ... Mission 30th ... etc ... Each session will progressive on top of the another, so for example, first session "Mission 1th" could last 5 mins, etc (Drive MB57 to outpost #23 uncouple, etc -- the end) The reason why I revealing this now is because this scenario can now be done in the Marsz layout!

    Well, here is the picture and the list!
    Thanks for reading Colonists -- Have a safe and fun weekend!!!
    Updated August 19th, 2014 at 04:59 AM by ish6
  7. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists!!!

    The constructing of the layout is going beautifully -- There are many posts close and far --- The modules which I have done in the passed are paying off too -- I added Midway Module to the layout, edited it somewhat by adding extra tracks which will lead deep into the mountains to where new Astros (Finally with a face inside a helmet / coming in the future) are mining rare ore! Below, screenshot, is a military transport hauling a rolling stock carrying special supplies for miners!

    On Content -- lot of stuff coming next week including new and updated rolling stocks, including Tank cars small and huge that will carry gases (products), and the land rovers too! Right now organizing everything I have done, like matching pictures to the items, etc etc .... (note -- if any item you have downloaded has an issue please let me know via pm so I can fix it and re-uploaded - thanks)

    Now, back on the Layout --- Below a screenshot of Echo Base, which is one of the main primary bases (primary bases will always have a nuclear facility attached to it) -- Not quite finished yet, but I am happy share it now!

    Lastly, the land rover is finished as you will see below, with long caterpillar traction wheels -- when you make a turn half the front wheels turn too!!! And see the bridges? It's always upright, however, when you drive the Rover towards it the bridge lowers to allow passage!

    Well, everyone have a safe and great das ---
    Enjoy the teasers!!!
    Updated September 2nd, 2014 at 04:07 AM by ish6
  8. DON49PLM's Avatar
    Hello peoples of Marsz!

    This is the Marsz Liberation Front speaking to you. It’s time the peoples born on Marsz, standup and say no more “NOOBS”! It’s time to standup and say NO to the Carelton Company and there fascist ways! They have come to our Marsz and have taken large tracts of our land and said that they now own it and all that’s in it. Bringing their big machines to strip the land of its resources. Covering the land with tracks and mine and industries and smoke. Stripping the land and not caring how it looks when their finished. Telling us we can’t go on “their land” or fly near their land or there will be “consequents” to such actions. If that doesn’t sound fascist. It does to use. People of Marsz! Stand up and say no more CRAP on Marsz!

    We placed a camera in a rock to see if we could get some images of military machines the Carelton Company will use on you the people of Marsz.

    The camera went dead shortly after the last pic. To me it looks like big guns of some kind.
    Updated August 15th, 2014 at 05:34 PM by DON49PLM
  9. ish6's Avatar
    4500+ assets at tne DLS
    Updated August 19th, 2020 at 09:54 AM by ish6
  10. ede627's Avatar

    Updating content is very good.

    Astronauts are great, thanks for the image.

    It looks fantastic

  11. DON49PLM's Avatar

  12. DON49PLM's Avatar
    Hello Marszlings,

    I have posted a new set of switch's that are longer and faster. You set them up the same as my other switch's so I'm posting a reminder on how that is done.

    MARSZ-D Switch LH Base mk3 (snap) <KUID:387111:101189>
    MARSZ-D Switch LH Base mk3 <KUID:387111:101206>
    MARSZ-D Switch LH Track mk3 <KUID:387111:101190>
    MARSZ-D Switch RH Base mk3 (snap) <KUID:387111:101067>
    MARSZ-D Switch RH Base mk3 <KUID:387111:101205>
    MARSZ-D Switch RH Track mk3 <KUID:387111:101069>

    Enjoy, Don4plm

    Updated August 22nd, 2014 at 01:14 PM by DON49PLM
  13. butler57's Avatar
    Hi Ishie,
    Wen did you do the slim looking astronauts? Are they on the DLS?
  14. ish6's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by butler57
    Hi Ishie,
    Wen did you do the slim looking astronauts? Are they on the DLS?
    Good Morning Heinz --
    How are you doing these days my dear friend?

    The Astro's is a suggestion I made to Ed (EdeTrainz) --- He runs the Ibertrainz site with Manuel and Albert (Zatovisualworks & founder)- For more on this project check my Marsz pages here:


    Not sure if you can view the page without registration --Please let me know via here or email if you can see the Marsz page!

    To answer your question, good buddy, nope -- Ed not a fan of the DLS, however, for me he will upload them to the DLS -- I have not gotten around to e-mailing him about it yet! He did send me all the files so I can reskin, etc ... There are astros holding a lamp like those track workers that signals the on-coming train to slow -- all info on the webpage link above!

    I'll send you e-mail today with the astro among other stuff I am working on!

    Take care, be safe!

  15. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists --

    Marsz is introducing bogeys or, let's just call them "wheels"! A special thanks to our bridge master builder, because without his contribute to the Marsz Project this will not have gotten off the ground, so, at the DLS or CMP you will find 12 new wheels that can be use to fit any land rovers that you may create -- Please glance at the screenshot below as an example of what can be done with such wheels! Additionally, there many other wheels of varies sizes and width -- To view them all just type bendorsey as the author, and Marsz bogey as the search, and you will see the vast collection of wheels!

    4500+ assets at tne DLS
    Updated August 19th, 2020 at 09:54 AM by ish6
  16. ish6's Avatar
    NASA's Curiosity Rover Looks Pretty Rough After Two Years On Mars (PHOTOS)


  17. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Colonists --

    The Marsz universe is always expanding in one form or another, so this week more contents; some new, some updated!
    Below is a list of the contents at the DLS -- This list will be up temporarily!

    Also, news about what's going on on Mars in the real world! link here:
    Mars rover to get a long-distance memory wipe and reformat

    Lastly, this blog will be known for this day forward as "The Marsz Blog", and it will be dedicated to anyone who create and built Marsz items -- You are free to use this blog as if it was your own to showcase your Marsz works (And in some cases bases on the Moon)! So, this blog belongs to you too, and I should have made that clear long ago! Old age is setting on me! LOL

    Well, enjoy the new stuff --- And as always, have fun!


    THE LIST: -----
    Updated September 7th, 2014 at 07:47 AM by ish6
  18. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Colonists --

    I am very please to introduce new contents from Ede627 and Don49plm -- These items can be found at the DLS right now! See screenshotz below! Also, new and updated tracks from single to 5 tracks for yards, including bridges!

    I created tracks, as followed: Marsz-I Track 00 (T1) thru Marsz-I Track 56 (Bridge 4) -- I think 10 are still processing, not sure why they're taken this long! There's more tracks to be updated, and a few more ideas for new tracks I have in mind -- Here, i also included "Rail tracks" encase in a special tunnel (Although rail tracks will NOT be use widely on Marsz, it will have its' place and only haul Don's CRAB excellent engines, with custom cabs and rolling stocks which includes slugs, etc)

    Don manufacture the M95, with a freshing cab - This huge machine is powerful enough to pull it's trailer, equally large!:
    MARSZ-D M95a “Elephant” track vehicle

    MARSZ-D M96a Trailer

    Ed created new Astros to work on Marsz, including track workers with signals -- Below are the names and kuids of those items!

    Just updated --- Received this now: 450pm
    Your uploaded content listed below has been approved and will be available for download within 24 hours.

    Marsz-I Track 08 (Caution Blue Track) <KUID2:58223:29181:1>
    Marsz-I Track 09 (Track Tunnel) <KUID2:58223:29132:1>
    Marsz-I Track 10 (Interactive Line) <KUID2:58223:29200:1>
    Marsz-I Track 47 (Automatic Rapid TK) <KUID2:58223:24983:1>
    Marsz-I Track 52 (Bridge TK) <KUID:58223:29296>
    Marsz-I Track 53 (Bridge 1) <KUID:58223:29297>
    Marsz-I Track 54 (Bridge 2) <KUID:58223:29298>
    Marsz-I Track 55 (Bridge 3) <KUID:58223:29299>
    Marsz-I Track 56 (Bridge 4) <KUID:58223:29300>

    Hope you like the new items, and find them useful!
    Everyone have a great day, and happy downloading!

    Ede Mars Astr.W/helmet 01 <KUID2:270583:2014081209:2>
    Ede Mars Astr.W/helmet 02 <KUID2:270583:2014081210:2>
    Ede Mars Astr.W/helmet 03 <KUID2:270583:2014081211:2>
    Ede Mars Astr.W/helmet 04 <KUID2:270583:2014081212:2>
    Ede Marsz Astr.W/Signal 01 <KUID2:270583:2014081205:2>
    Ede Marsz Astr.W/Signal 02 <KUID2:270583:2014081206:2>
    Ede Marsz Astr.W/Signal 03 <KUID2:270583:2014081207:2>
    Ede Marsz Astr.W/Signal 04 <KUID2:270583:2014081208:2>
    Ede Marsz Signal D-01 <KUID2:270583:2014081213:2>
    Ede Marsz Signal D-02 <KUID2:270583:2014081214:2>
    Ede Marsz Signal D-03 <KUID2:270583:2014081215:2>
    Ede Marsz Signal D-04 <KUID2:270583:2014081216:2>
    Ede Marsz Signal I-01 <KUID2:270583:2014081201:2>
    Ede Marsz Signal I-02 <KUID2:270583:2014081202:2>
    Ede Marsz Signal I-03 <KUID2:270583:2014081203:2>
    Ede Marsz Signal I-04 <KUID2:270583:2014081204:2>

    4500+ assets at tne DLS
    Updated August 19th, 2020 at 09:55 AM by ish6
  19. ede627's Avatar

    It is a pleasure working with you ... Best Regards

    Es un placer trabajar con ustedes ... Saludos cordiales
    Updated September 16th, 2014 at 11:04 AM by ede627
  20. DON49PLM's Avatar
    Hello Marszlings!

    I posted some stuff to the DLS. It'll be around 24 hours be for you see then, so till then Enjoy Don.

    MARSZ-D Dig Hole 2x2 <KUID:387111:101041>
    MARSZ-D Ground Cover with Rocks <KUID:387111:100935>
    MARSZ-D Halo Douglas Fir <KUID:387111:101130>
    MARSZ-D Lt Rd Fn Sand 1 <KUID:387111:101270>
    MARSZ-D Lt Rd Gravel 1 <KUID:387111:101269>
    MARSZ-D Lt Rd Md Sand 1 <KUID:387111:101268>
    MARSZ-D M2a 02 Passager Car <KUID:387111:101144>
    MARSZ-D M3a 02 Power Unit <KUID:387111:101192>
    MARSZ-D Tunnel End <KUID:387111:101136>
    MARSZ-D Crossing 2T <KUID:387111:101054>
    MARSZ-D M4a 02 Power Unit <KUID:387111:101207>
    MARSZ-D Tunnel Mid-Door, T2 <KUID:387111:101153>
    MARSZ-D Crossing Cover <KUID:387111:101052>
    MARSZ-D Crossing 4T (snap) <KUID:387111:101048>
    MARSZ-D Crossing 4T <KUID:387111:101044>
    MARSZ-D Crossing 3T <KUID:387111:101026>
    MARSZ-D Crossing 6T <KUID:387111:101043>
    MARSZ-D Crossing 6T (snap) <KUID:387111:101046>
    MARSZ-D Crossing 5T <KUID:387111:101055>
    MARSZ-D Track Side Loading Ramp <KUID:387111:101191>
    MARSZ-D Crossing 1T (snap) <KUID:387111:101051>
    MARSZ-D Crossing 1T <KUID:387111:101053>
    MARSZ-D M20v2 100ft Ore Unit <KUID:387111:101216>
    MARSZ-D M22 Tank Car <KUID:387111:100038>
    MARSZ-D Switch LH Base mk3.01 <KUID:387111:100123>
    MARSZ-D Switch RH Base mk3.01 <KUID:387111:100122>
    MARSZ-D T1 Raised Track v2 <KUID:387111:101247>
    MARSZ-D T1 Yard Track, Red Strip v1 <KUID:387111:100938>
    MARSZ-D Track as Tunnel (half round, wide) <KUID:387111:100034>
    MARSZ-D Track Piller <KUID:387111:101197>
    MARSZ-D M5a 02 Rear Command Unit <KUID:387111:101208>
    MARSZ-D Crossing 1T (snap v2) <KUID:387111:101064>
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