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90+ Marsz Modules & 4500+ Assets at the DLS!
PlusThe MARSZ ROUTE version 01 at the DLS
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Updated December 31st, 2021 at 03:40 PM by ish6

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  1. ish6's Avatar
    Don49pkm diagram how to set up the Marsz junctions and switches!

  2. ish6's Avatar
    I made a vide on how-to-set-up the above!

    Happy Marsz Trainzing
    Updated December 20th, 2022 at 11:33 PM by ish6
  3. ish6's Avatar
    Hello colonists --

    I bring you today 5 new outpost modules -- connect them to any Marsz route to give it a bit of a flavor. These are a brand-new series I am calling outposts, small installations in the middle of nowhere conducting studies and research from alien chemicals to pyramid research, to UFO'S discoveries! The abilities are endless. Below are pictures and title, all at the DLS!

    MARSZ OUTPOST 12 - UFO CRASH SITE <KUID:58223:101322>
    MARSZ OUTPOST 15 - WETLAND STUDY <KUID:58223:101373>

  4. ish6's Avatar
  5. HiBaller's Avatar
    Greetings to all.

    I've recently been carrying on a fascinating conversation with Ish and would love to be added to the group.

    With his permission, I'm going through the textures and moving them up to build 4.5. THis move does a couple of things:

    1) it lets the content be compatible with current Trainz games in use now, and,

    2) It will remove the "ghost box" thing when the texture is placed on a board.

    Another thing I've created is a MARSZ Region. It uses the basic Mars terrain texture (pink, with rocks) and the Auran default switch lever. When you create switches for your MARSZ routes, this will pop up when you add the yellow track and connect it to the switch frame. Just before dropping in the MARSZ switch lever, remove the default lever. it's easy to spot as that red handle sticks up a ways.

  6. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Colonists & Bill

    Oh, thanks you for those textures! I can now use most of them again!

    Also, the Marsz Region!

    MARSZ region.
    area: Planet Mars of our solar system.
    junction: invisible in Driver
    KUID2: <KUID2:202442:101359:2>


  7. HiBaller's Avatar
    Happy to be of help. Working on my vinyl record collection this afternoon, but will be within earshot of my computer if an email arrives.

  8. HiBaller's Avatar
    Just now (Nov 23) I uploaded build 4.5 versions of Ish's "Igneous Dark Diamond" series of textures. My recommendation for use is to use the texture scaled to the widest setting and use the "[" and "]" keys to rotate it while you paint. Most of these specific textures should be used judiciously. Make small pockets of these textures as if they were being uncovered from a mine dig.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    EDIT: Notified the uploads were approved so they should be showing up any time now.

    Updated November 23rd, 2022 at 02:17 PM by HiBaller
  9. runnerup1080's Avatar
    The trainz community is filled with talented people, and you are one of them!
  10. HiBaller's Avatar
    Thanks. Much appreciated. One of the things I'm working on now is a tie-in between the MARSZ project and a novel I'm writing. It's been a while since my first two were published, so this will give me lots to do. At my age, one has to keep busy. I plan on using small screenshots here and there throughout the book, possibly as a chapter divider. Not a lot of them, but enough to possibly to get more people interested in Trainz as well as this project.

  11. HiBaller's Avatar
    I've uploaded a new module, MARSZ TRANSFER AND MINING YARD. It was approved, then I got notice it had two items not on the DLS. One was apparently a random thing stuck way out in nowhere, which I didn't put there (and was deleted). The other was a switch control box which I will have to replace with one on the DLS. When I went to edit the route, approximately one fourth of my switches had disappeared. I'd done them way back near the beginning and never thought of them again. Somehow, they came up missing, and I will have to re-do all of them before the route is playable. So, the upshot is: don't download it until I come up with a KUID2 version of it.

    Other modules I uploaded are unaffected and can be found soon on the DLS. They are essentially connector modules to go from one major module to another. I also uploaded a "secret substance" commodity to be used on the transfer and mining module once it gets redone.

    I'll have some pics to show soon as well.

  12. HiBaller's Avatar
    Here are the promised pictures:

    A general shot of the yard from one end:

    Automated Rapid Transit leaving the Main Station:

    Decontamination Station available for "bad order" cars in a consist:

    More next post

  13. HiBaller's Avatar
    More pictures:

    The "secret" mining operation:

    Overall shot of the yard:

    Higher view:

    The session with the automated rapid transit running around the yard is finished and on the DLS (should be available soon (TM)).

  14. Jgesq's Avatar
    Looking good. Well done.
  15. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Colonists

    Real life stuff -- I am having eye surgery on my left eye on Dec 28, which will put a dent on my trainz-creativity -- Hopefully, recovery is fast and painless, so I can get back to Marsz!

    Who says you can't have trees on Marsz due to the deadly atmosphere ... Well, introducing Holographic-Trees (see picture below) -- 28 of these will land at the DLS a few hours from now! -- Enjoy them! -- Will come in the future!

    And 6 new modules: at the DLS
    MARSZ DAMN STATION <KUID:58223:101137>

    Updated December 21st, 2022 at 03:45 PM by ish6
  16. ish6's Avatar

    Happy Trainzing
  17. HiBaller's Avatar
    Holographic trees is pretty ingenious, Ish. Even if you place them too close to a track, they won't harm a train as it can drive right through it. I especially like that last picture. Over on the right, that small yard. With the tracks so close together, you can almost transship material from one car to another simply by opening both doors and shoving it across. Pretty neat.

    I should have another module out soon. Possibly by Christmas or the week after. It is far more complicated than my first.

    The novel is moving along nicely. I have around four chapters completed but haven't edited them as of yet. Once that's done, I might post a symopsis of those four chapters here on the Blog to give readers some idea of where the novel is going. I am sure it will be totally different than my first two.

  18. HiBaller's Avatar

  19. HiBaller's Avatar

    The module should show up on the DLS either today or tomorrow.

  20. ish6's Avatar
    To all my Colonists --

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