Lost but Not Forgotten

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Every time I look at the railroad track, I would remember a time when Steam rule the rails. I would remember these mighty machines thunder the rails show the World that they can get the job done.

If you would listen the shrilling whistle very close I swear you could hear her voice and she requires much needed care such very light doses of oil as well as good ol polish to make her presentable to the viewing world. Sadly this era was cut short when the monsters of progress know as Diesel Locomotives came taking away all the jobs. Some of the steamers met death's torch and were never seen again

Fortunately, many Steamer work hard to survive on excursion attractions or on special runs to the younger generation that life was like for hard working men and women to work with lovely machines.

I sit at the train depot watching the young men and women that still have the passion for the Old Irons to relive an era that was Lost But not Forgotten

( This from from my devaintart page where I have screenshots of the Iron Horses -http://steamfan1992.deviantart.com/#/d4y4btv)
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