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You referring to the snowball-sized snowflakes? Really, I have never seen snowflakes that huge in real life (granted, I live where I don't see many snowflakes, but still...) even in pictures. Under a microscope it may seem that big, but they are little flakes, not baseball/softball-sized orbs falling from the sky. And I've never seen snowflakes fall pretty much straight down like they do in this game. Snowflakes are always floating and swirling around, because the least bit of wind can and does push them around. Or at least falling at an angle. Not straight down. The whole weather system in Trainz is definitely something that needs improvement.
Never seen snow falling straight down?? Well where I live I've seen snow at every possible angle from straight down to horizontal. I have even skied in a blizard when the wind was blowing the snow off the rocks and skied when the snow was just dumping straight down.

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