Alcos and Multiplayer, Bogeys, Engine Specs, and the DLS Oh my!

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Ok, a few points that I need to address.

I have been posting dependencies to the DLS for the ALCOS. Bogeys, Engine Specs, Etc. Nikos1 has posted up his airhorn and Engine sounds to the DLS already. Rumor is he is also working on a alco 251 12 cylinder sound

Engine specs: I am using the info from The Diesel Shop to make default engine specs for the ALCOS using TEE. Dynamic braking is still kicking my behind, so I am working out how to generate those using TEE. ANY help on the dynamic braking would be appreciated. Finding Dynamic Braking info for individual locomotives is a bit frustrating.

Multiplayer: Yes, I know full well that people want to use these engines in multiplayer, so therefore they need to be on the DLS to make it easier for some people to find them. What I am doing is that I will release a new model at The Erecting Hall first, then after a week, maybe a week and a half, post it to the DLS. This also gives me a back up in case an unforseen disaster occurs to my site.

Those who do reskins of these units are asked to consider posting a copy to the DLS. Not required, but think about it.