I Couldn't Think Of A Better Name, So I Used This One

Got New Trains! :D

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Here's a 1/2 hour video about me unboxing some rare Ertl trains I bought off Ebay as an early birthday present. I hope you have the time to watch it!

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  1. pcas1986's Avatar
    Sorry I didn't watch the entire video but since it was you I watched some of it.

    Reminds me of when we bought my twin daughters a set of Thomas, Annie and Clarabel trains years ago. They pushed them around the floor for months until Thomas's axles wore out so we bought another set (one each) So they ended up with two Annies and two Clarabels each! Both girls are 27 now so the Thomas days are well and truely gone.


  2. captainkman's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment, and i'm glad it brought back memories! I hope you can watch the entire video sometime!
  3. Edweird's Avatar
    I'll admit, I have a lot of these models in my cupboard, but mine mostly in conditions similar or worse to Douglas.

    I do however have some advice for Terrance the tractor. If you gently and carefully prize off his tracks, then place them in a little bowl of hot water (just tap water ought to be enough) and leave them, the heat should soften them into a near perfect circle, at which point they will run smoothly around the two wheels on Terrance.
  4. captainkman's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip! I'll try it sometime.
  5. Edweird's Avatar
    Watched the latter half of the video today. I have a few ideas for that sorry looking Henry, because I believe him to be extremely rare. I'm pretty sure that the earlier models had the die cast metal bodies screwed to the plastic bases. It you can prize him apart, he can be restored. You have another Henry to copy for the paintwork and you could get a copy of his face printed onto a sticky label. You could also just switch the castings between the two models also, but that would be something of a shame. As for the white plastic, which is the part that I think is rare, the buffer stickers again could be made using sticky labels, though the couplings clearly require significant restoration. Off the top of my head, I think the simplest method would be to canabalize the 'hoop' couplers and buffers from two of the log carrying flat trucks, as these are the only other ERTL model I can think off that has white couplers. These could be super glued onto the main section of the plastic after the old couplers have been removed. I can understand that it might be a shame to damage two models for the sake of one, but Henry is a major character and that might be an extremely rare model.
  6. captainkman's Avatar

    Yes, the beaten up Henry is rare, and yes it is the white buffer beam that makes it rare.

    That's a good suggestion, but i'm not sure if I'll do it for 2 reasons:

    1. It's not original if I do the mods. I believe that restoring a model reduces its rarity.
    2. I don't have the flat wagons.

    And at the Brisbane Model Train Show, I saw scrap Trevor on a flat wagon! And the Matchbox road roller. It's TINY!

  7. Edweird's Avatar
    The Scrap Trevor flat wagons were different as I recall. I had one once upon a time, the scrap Trevor was just a normal Trevor with weathering, but the flatbed for that was green I think. The flatbed I have is a to do with Henry's forest. I think the box actually said Henry's flatbed now that I think about it, though it was from many years ago.

    Many of my models were lost or badly damaged. The only ones of mine in good condition are Sir Handel, Smudger, S.C.Ruffey and the (grey) troublesome trucks.