ADL Railroad 6 - L&B UK Narrow Guage (TRS19)

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This is my first post on this forum... but I will start using this more for the routes I am working on.

Back in June, having spotted some Lynton & Barnstaple rolling stock, I decided that having been interested in the real L&B I would create a route based on the L&B rather than a copy.

ADLR6 L&B UK Narrow Gauge V1

I have just been advised that there is already a full version of the full L&B route being built by another (Clam1952) which I didn't realise (I have used Facebook Groups until now) but my route which has just gone live on the DLS uses features of the route and also practice from other UK narrow guage (and is about 5 scale miles, considerably compressed), so hopefully wont detract from the work Clam1952 is doing.

I will add some screenshots later today.
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