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Hi everyone do you know a route Durand Mi TRS2019? Well guess what. I made a route of the CN HOLLY SUBVERSION. Im like around 85-90% finished and The Route is gonna take place to Durand MI - Pontiac MI I dont know about the farmland that I fill up much but I filled a lot of trees like a forest there if you guys are okay with it. But Im at Pontiac MI right now building and Ill make a loop if you wanna keep driving your locomotives. The railroad crossing Im working on that and putting the right train signals I can find on the DLS and fixing the tracks to make it straight and curve so it wont me messed up. Im sorry to say but the route itll be only on TRS2019 ONLY! The JR TRACKS from Durand MI TRS2019 are from jointedrail and the Durand station you can download it from colorado71.webs.com. You can register for free and wait for a day until itll be approve.
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