A Trip to a show... *CAUTION LARGE PHOTOS*

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I am sorry for a long time inbetween posts. Times have gotten busy with some personal problems and things have been better. But I do promise some posts the next few days. In late March I atteneded a model show. I would like to share some of the things I picked up there with you!

I went into this show with $80 and a desire to purchase a auto-rack for N scale. I was disappointed, as I was unable to find any such thing.. I Guess I'll have to turn to eBay..

So instead I bought these.

First up is an Atlas Norfolk Southern GP38-2 Train master. Its locomotive number is #5325.

I purchased this for 55 dollars, and am very happy. I was a little upset at first, as the dealer claimed it was brand new, yet I had horrible electrical traction. I later noticed, the brass pieces, that's pull the power from the trucks, had been knocked out of place. With this quick fix, it was all good!

I also bought three cars, a black coal car, made by atlas that I could not resist. I have a love for coal and intermodal! I bought a older Conrail car from Walther's. It is a coil car if I am correct. I bought it to give my collection a little spicing up. It is a little bent on the top, but this is only noticeable if you look close, and could be easily described as wear from use as it is a older car. My third car is a green Micro-trains Bulkhead flat car with a large load of pipes. It has some weight to it which I like very much. It came with brown posts that go into the slots on the side, but brown did not look very good, so i decided to sharpie them in silver. The sharpie stuck, but has since worn down, reveling a brown undertone which makes it look very nice. It was not intentional

That's it for today, Thanks for reading, and Have a happy Easter!

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