Curious Problems with Mojave Subdivision Sessions: The DPU Push.

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Same issue here. Any suggestions on solutions are mostly welcome.

I have eaxctly the very same issue with the he DPU Push. Had similar issue with missing ability to decople trainz, in another session. Antother memeber here identified that issue to be due to an prior update of Trainz. Seems that sesssions are developed in prior versions, that does not work with never versions of Trainz. It's a shame.

I'm running TRS2019 Build 114-841 here.

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I have a problem with the session "The DPU Push." What will happen is when I get to Caliente and wait for Train MBARRIC to pass it tells me to set out 3 cars. I click the uncouple button but it plays the "error" sound and doesn't uncouple, requiring me to go into Surveyor and uncouple it manually. Then, when I put it into a spur and uncouple they roll down the grade, when they are supposed to have a brake on. I ended up putting a locomotive behind the cars. When I went to couple back up to my train it didn't couple up.....I tried in surveyor to couple it up but the objective didn't complete. I've had to stop the session there because of this. Can someone please help?

Mojave Sub for TRS2019 Build 110491