North Norfolk Trainz

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We are the next level to the M&GN railway
we can push to the next level with trainz

We are using Trainz 12 Railroad Simulator the latest simulator to date with (TS2009 add ons Treez and Settle and Carlisle and Murchison 2 and Classic Cabon City) and even class TS2010 as the add on as well. that we are using today.
Some content are already built in TS12 witch may effect some TS2009 content to be faulty as its already updated for TS12

The Project is put 175 mile route of the M&GN on trainz
In the memory of my uncle Herbert Cossey and my Great Auntie Molly and my Gt uncle Bob (Robert Cossey)

I have been requested to do this project
as i all ready know that bits of routes of been done by other users, but thats all going to changed
the project will continue as normal

The route
is 175 mile the project will take time from
Cromer Beach to Melton Constable
Melton Constable to Norwich City
Melton Constable to Peterbough that will include Kings and South Lynn and surrounded areas
Melton Constable to Gt Yarmouth
Melton Constable is in the heart

1. Please DO NOT Reskin our models without our written permission

3. Always give credit to North Norfolk Trainz

For more information

go to http://northnorfolktrainz.jimdo.com/

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Trainz Simulator 12


  1. MNIBARI08's Avatar
    the work is in progress

    We have done nearly 15 to 16 miles of track and raised land from Norwich City to Guestwick, On the Norwich Line. The scenery will take time, stations slowly building up this has been worked on from last year to this date.

    Updated pictures will come soon.

  2. ray_whiley's Avatar
    Have you found any helpful pictures of Norwich City Station before Mr A Hitler's airmen paid a visit? I have only found one and part of the building is missing at each side. I suppose it all depends on the period you are modelling - the portacabins would be easier!

    Incidentally, my cousin was the last person to sell tickets at Norwich City Station, and had the responsibility of closing the books and locking the doors on the last day.

    Good wishes for your project!

  3. MNIBARI08's Avatar
    Thanks Ray for your comment, Its nice to here that some families like ours that are M&GN related or based, I like to add that my Gt Uncle Herbert Cossey had a brother called Robert that got killed on the Norwich Line in 1932 19th of October which my Gt Uncle Herbert never told me about. Herbert and his Brother Robert worked on the M&GN.
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  4. MNIBARI08's Avatar
    Website is rapidly progressing and updating
  5. MNIBARI08's Avatar
    I am looking for J15 0-6-0 7564 and WD 2-10- 90775 and Y7 0-4-0T and B12 61572 and 8572. please note if any users got these locomotives please help if you can
  6. ray_whiley's Avatar
    These would be very welcome models, but I am afraid I have not come across them for any version of Trainz. Good hunting!

  7. MNIBARI08's Avatar
    I found the B12 a member in my team gave it to me.
  8. nathanmallard's Avatar
    B12, eh? Where did your team member get it from? I have searched and searched for one of those. I will PM you with my email address so you can email it to me if you can't find the website.
  9. MNIBARI08's Avatar
    I need a new team member to help on the M&GN route so if anyone interested please reply
  10. MNIBARI08's Avatar
    We have now added the Group called North Norfolk Trainz with our progress
  11. nathanmallard's Avatar
    Very nice!
  12. MNIBARI08's Avatar
    Thanks that's just a tip of the iceberg of our project
  13. MNIBARI08's Avatar
    The route has progress to alysham North
  14. MNIBARI08's Avatar
    you can now contact me through skype
  15. MNIBARI08's Avatar
    Screen sharing is full on now on Skype.
  16. MNIBARI08's Avatar
    Due to the software updating so quickly I got TS19 and we are continuing privately The website link is down and not be re uploaded for updated used, The project is still copyrighted and beyond, if any users what to help in anyway please contact me thanks.
    Updated September 21st, 2018 at 11:22 AM by MNIBARI08