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Recent News/Life Update 9/23/2021

Everyone I would like to let you guys know that I might be taking a break from Trainz or might leave the game for a long while. I just would like to say why I just made this decision.

First, I recently had to reset my PC after I had problems with it starting up and all of the freeware content I have collected in my game for several years now are gone. I do have a 2 TB external hard drive which I backed up a lot of things, but I shouldíve taken some time to back all of them up before my recent problem. However, I have all my payware content backed up (thereís a small number of them compared to my freeware) and a few of my freeware items (extra stuff put into storage) along with my artwork and all my add-on content I have for Flight Simulator X. Iím not going to be able to quickly rebuild my collection because I have to not only buy FCT to download all my DLS collection as well as searching for my non-DLS stuff. I already did collect my add-ons two other times because I had to reinstall TANE, but this time, I wonít be because I have something else going on in my life, so I have to pursue other things.

Trainz was a nice substitute to model railroading (I do have an 6x8 foot O gauge layout that I donít have the room to expand at the moment despite I have big plans for it in the future), but I just went from being happy to somewhat miserable especially wanting everything (even things that arenít made yet or already available for other train sims). I enjoyed making reskins over the past few years and practice some route building even though I gave up a lot of my route projects. I even modified a lot of my freeware stuff to have better horsounds, enginesounds, and other stuff like that (Iím OCD as well as high functioning autistic). Ever since I got into using OBS, I enjoyed making Trainz videos on my YouTube channel, Owen Concorde and imitating some letís play videos of people playing other train sims (Railworks/DT Train Sim and MSTS/Open Rails). Now is the time I must move on to what I will say next.

Since last year, I started painting (acrylic on canvas) and learning to do so in order to sell them during this pandemic and other things in this current situation. Iíve been making art before this, but it was just digital art and drawing on paper and I just need to dig into my artistic talents more. Iím starting to think this could get me places even though Iím still hoping to become a freight train engineer one day. Also, I have to work on getting driverís license (car) before I do get my job. These are starting to become priorities as real life hits me more and I donít think there is any room for train simulation.

Iím not saying Trainz is bad (video games still have a bad reputation despite content creation for simulation games is popular), but Iím just not going to be able to keep up with it as time goes on, especially when some of the new content (both freeware and payware) will be made for Trainz 2019 & future versions (4.6 & up) which require newer hardware and even a larger hard drive to play them. Itís not dumb like some popular non-simulation video games out there, but I just need to focus on other things at the moment. At least I made an impact with my reskins including my recent Amtrak Phase III P32ACDM reskins that I didnít announce here along with the updates to my P40/P42 reskins.

I hope everyone understands where Iím coming from with this and I hope you guys still enjoy my content while Iím gone. I may or may not come back, but for now I have to break this now somewhat unhealthy Trainz habit of mine which I might suffer withdrawals from it (It takes 21 days to change a habit & 90 days to make a lifestyle). Some of you may be sad to see me quit making reskins and Trainz videos, but I just have to go with what makes me better for now.

Thank you for enjoying my presence here even though it couldíve been better (e.g. I couldíve studied Blender for this), but goodbye for now!
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  1. DARTrider's Avatar
    Thank you for being around and making content, Trainmaster189. I saw you subscribed to my channel, The Virtual Railroading Channel a while back, so thanks for that. Have fun on your break!