anyone know how to reskin trains on mobile?

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hello fello Trainz fans! id like to know if anyone knows how to reskin on Trainz Simulater 2 ipad. i have been really wanting to do this now and i would love to do reskins and upload them to the download station. it sounds really fun! so if anyone knows how to do trainz reskins on mobile Please let me know with a reply!
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  1. oknotsen's Avatar
    The blogs are not intended for support. Next to that hardly anyone reads them. Post your question in the related support forum.
  2. PerRock's Avatar
    You can't. Mobile versions are locked down; in order to reskin anything you need the PC version.
  3. Noloplayz's Avatar
    oh ok thanks good to know
  4. Noloplayz's Avatar
    Also btw how do I post on the support forum?