An open letter to N3V engineers

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Someone should make a list of all things, which community called for and which are either ignored for years by N3V or broken silently by N3V in newer versions. I suppose it to be long list.... Such things like multiple light sources missing, broken alphas (those stupid alpha to coverage), cab0 only support, 8 levels engine sounds max, night lightning, bumping crossings, unsupported multiple part locos, steam locos fireplace and firemen, multiple traincars units problems, stupidities with annoying payware (non-editable) items, missing splines or textures on routes with older builds (which originally effective but not in the kuidlist of the config), several config tags which being just ignored in newer versions, modern higher resolutions stopped to be supported, missing identification of orange cubes which represents missing assets in the route, etc. etc...
I wrote such a letter a few years ago and to no avail. thanks to the arrogance of N3V and their developers, they make the game a waste that can't be played after SP2, as the in-game Editor is constantly loading and slowing down!
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